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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao
Author :Flying Alone
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1522 Who did it?

His palm descended and suppressed all the heavens.

Gu Daoyi blasted out with his fists, and the power of the Divine Fetus blossomed. He released an enraged roar, stimulating the power of all the stars of the heavens. A silver river stretched out, and six heavenly bodies shone brightly, each of them astonishingly huge. There was a silvery divine light covering him densely.

He was going to go all out!

But what was the point?

Ling Han's palm pressed down, and Gu Daoyi was immediately suppressed. He was tossed directly into the Black Tower.

In the first place, he was much stronger than Gu Daoyi, and added with the fact that this place would restrict Gu Daoyi, he easily suppressed the latter with a single move.

At this time, those that were nearest to the summit still had about 20% of the journey left to make. Ling Han tossed out the Second in the World. On a mischievous whim, he pulled down his pants, and then climbed out of the treasure trove. He took the same path and returned to the foot of the mountain.

"Brat, what did you go off to do?" The large black dog stood in his path. "Looking at the despicable grin on your face, it definitely must be nothing good!"

"I went to destroy your doghouse." Ling Han was in a good mood, and countered all the moves from the large black dog.

The large black dog looked at him suspiciously, and said, "I say, Little Han, this is not good of you. How could you not call Grandpa Dog if you were doing something fun like murder and arson? You see, Grandpa Dog can still keep a lookout for you from the sidelines."

Ling Han chuckled coldly. "You're just here to watch the excitement, aren't you? If someone had really come, you definitely would have added fuel to the fire, an absolutely cunning dog that delights in having the world in chaos!"

"Hehe, you actually hit the nail on the head, I am speechless!" The large black dog knew no shame.

"i can't be bothered with you." Ling Han ascended the mountain, whistling lazily. Gu Daoyi that had entered into the Black Tower would be completely helpless, and his only option would be to surrender to his fate.

"Ling Han! What is this place!

"How could there possibly be such a huge Spatial God Tool?

"Who exactly are you!"

Gu Daoyi shouted with all his might inside the Black Tower. His Celestial Source Power was already suppressed by the Black Tower, and he could only stand helplessly now, unable to move even the slightest bit.

"What are you shouting so much for? Do you think this is a place for you to shout as you like?" The Asura Demon Emperor appeared. He had always been one take advantage of those weaker while revering those stronger. By now, Gu Daoyi had lost all power to resist, so he naturally wanted to use his superior position to intimidate him.

Gu Daoyi was about to go crazy. A mere Sun Moon Tier actually dared to rebuke him; was he trying to cause an uprising?


Tha Asura Demon Emperor immediately threw a slap at him, and fiercely said, "What expression of yours is that? What kind of eyes are you looking at me with? Are you looking down on your Grandpa Asura? F*** you, you actually dare oppose my master when you look so weak, you're simply asking for a thrashing!"

He did not say another word, and simply settled for beating him up first.

"Ling Han! You have gone too far, you can kill me, but cannot humiliate me! You actually let your lackey humiliate me; you are too shameless!" Gu Daoyi was about to go crazy. He was the honored Severing Mundane Ancestor here.

"Lackey?" The Asura Demon Emperor wore an expression of pride. "Brat, being able to become Master's lackey is a wonderful thing that cannot be attained even if you beg. Do you think just anyone can become Master's lackey? Che, my master would not even deign to look at a piece of trash like you!"

His whole expression was filled with flattery. "Master is our sun, and would bring light wherever he shines! Master is the light of guidance that lights up the darkness! Master is the strongest elite that stands at the absolute apex, and everyone in the world can only look up to him with reverence and admiration."

Gu Daoyi's whole face was twitching. This was the first time he had seen someone curry favor with someone to such a refreshing and refined extent, and he was already dumbfounded.

Ling Han grinned internally, and blocked off his connection with the Black Tower. From the instant that he tossed Gu Daoyi into the Black Tower, this person had already become a thing of the past, and was not worth another glance from him.

Gu Daoyi's being known as the greatest prodigy of all eternity was only because he had cultivated the incomplete secret technique of a Celestial King.

When Ling Han reached the summit, only 31 people had actually arrived. They were all searching around in the treasure trove, but after Ling Han had swept through, that would be equivalent to a plague of locusts having swept through. Would there be anything of the slightest value left behind?

The Second in the World was sitting on the ground, a stunned expression on his face. His wide fingers were gripping into his hair. A lapse had occured in his memories.

'Why was I f****** lying on the ground just now?

'Oh, right, I have been knocked unconscious.

'Nothing has been taken from me, but my pants have been taken off.'


The Second in the World involuntarily pressed his hand on his behind; could it be that this was a sexual assault? At first, he had not thought anything of it, but with a clench of his heart, he could vaguely feel his behind aching, and he paled in shock. It couldn't have been that he had been raped, right?

His eyes swept over the masses. Everyone presently here was a suspect!

It just so happened that Ling Han had just climbed up. When he saw the stunned and horrified expression on the Second in the World's face, he couldn't help but laugh internally, and asked, "Brother Second, what is it? You don't look too good?"

Who asked you to have run so fast?

The Second in the World merely nodded distractedly at Ling Han. His eyes were wide open, and swept over every single one of the 31 people here. There was Ren Feiyun, there was Qi Tian, and there were also the other big shots.

F***, there were too many people, and he could not identify who it was!


Ling Han spluttered. When the large black dog saw this, he immediately stood on his hind legs, and said, "Brat, does this have anything to do with you? Judging from the look of that bear, he looks like he has been raped, so could it be— gasp!"

The large black dog was scared into taking a few steps back. "I never thought that you are that kind of person. Grandpa Dog is warning you, if you dare have any ideas about me, I will tear a chunk off of your behind!"

Ling Han did not pay him any attention. It had only been a mischievous whim of his that caused him to play a trick on the Second in the World. He had never thought that the effects would be so awesome—that the Second in the World would be so alarmed, and search everywhere for whoever "raped" him.

After a thorough search, it was natural that everyone did not gain anything. They defiantly searched again. Would there be something like a treasure trove hidden within the treasure trove? They wanted nothing more than to flatten the whole mountain and search deep underground.

But there was still nothing valuable to be found.

No one cared about why Gu Daoyi had disappeared. Previously, when they had entered, everyone was ******** looking for treasure, so who would be concerned that there was one less person? Gu Daoyi might have seen that there was nothing to be gained, and had thus long since left…

Everyone left begrudgingly, but the moment they exited the world of the chest, they saw a golden pathway spread out from an endless distance away. Then, they saw a person walk towards them. He was clearly merely strolling slowly, but in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived in front of them.

"The Torrential Rain Saint!" When they saw him, they all exclaimed in shock. Some of them immediately knelt, and those that did not kneel still looked extremely respectful.

Saints stood at the apex of cultivation, and would be respected universally.

The Torrential Rain Saint raised his head slightly. He looked at the three corpses of the Phoenix Kings, and an involuntary expression of surprise appeared on his face.

A treasure had appeared in this place, and the news had definitely also reached his ears. However, he was not tempted. When one had reached the height that he had, he had already blended to a certain extent with heaven's will. If this was capable of bringing him gains or harm, he would definitely be prompted by a sudden impulse and have sensed it.

Because he had not sensed anything at all, he naturally did not move out. The other Saints were the same as well. However, when the chest had been opened, golden light surged into the skies, and it could be seen even from the distant Wood Figure Planet. This caused the Ten Saints to feel slightly curious.

Thus, he came to take a look. He was sure that no matter what happened, he would be able to easily deal with it.

Yet when he saw the three corpses of the Phoenix Kings, he was stunned. This… How was he supposed to deal with this!


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