Aliens: Hivemind
8 The Fire“s Warmth.
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Aliens: Hivemind
Author :Nightkrawler
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8 The Fire“s Warmth.

The fire crackled in the midnight sky as it spewed it's ember onto the cold air, lighting up the area with a slight warmth to it.

Lanterns, tents, and busy Survivors dotted the background, creating an image of a sort-of-like military camp readying for an all-out war. The big guy, Jason, sat opposite of me on top of a sturdy wooden log, roasting out his mallows-on-a-stick over the fire.

"It's... tomorrow, huh?" I said, breaking up the awkward silence.

The crispy scent of burning wood wifted throughout the air as Jason eyed me fiercely in the eye, almost like loaded explosives ready to burst away and kill me at any given moment.

"You..." Jason vexed. "...have a thing for my sister ey?"


"I mean, you could've been a bit more defensive towards that touchy-touch moment of your time alone. but nooooo, you got too worked up and drove her away mate..."


"And what's more I say, she didn't even give a wave back at you after she left the lake! Ha!"


"So... what do you got?" He gestured, turning his face strict and stern.

"Uhm... what?" I baffled.

"You know! Where's your pizzazz?! The drama mate?!" He ranted as he stood up on his two feet, throwing his hands high up in the air and created a sort of imaginary "pizzazz" with his hands.

"Isn't a nighttime alone with her beside a glittering lake enough for drama?"

"No mate. It's so boring. So overused. So cliche. We need... pizzazz."

I wonder how Alex could've put up with such a... unique brother. Makes me wonder how she survived this long staying sane.

"So... what do I gotta do?"

"...Ha! I know! Why don't you stick that bangers of yours into her tight arse and heat it up?"

"English please?"

"Ha! You'll know soon enough mate. Now, on to the preparations!" He said as he dragged me off the campfire area, with my marshmallows left in the cold dust.

Why do I get the idea this ain't gonna end well tonight?

"Uhh Jason? Isn't she still busy?"

"Bloody time tells us that meet up is already over. She'd be by her tent right about now."

"So... what should I do again?"

"Go and have fun." He said bluntly.

"That's it?"

"Yep. That's it."

You know, given his british accent combined with quite a coarse voice, I can't tell if he's being sarcastic or not.

"Now. Go in there and enjoy yourself mate!"

The buff guy raised his muscular hands and pushed me hard by the back, sending me tumbling into the small tent.

I stumbled in, and toppled over the girl named Alex, meeting her confused, flustered gaze with mine... except given the tears flowing down her pale cheeks, along with clear marks within her crystal eyes that showed that she was crying for quite a while.

Well... this is awkward.


"U-Uhmm... could you?"

"Oh umm... sure." I said as I swiftly stumbled to my ass, cursing as I sat. I observed the innings of the tent, with a small solar lamp lighting up the cramped-up room.

"So..." Alex cut in, wiping the tears aside with a quite dirty scarf. "What brings you here?"

Well, aside from that big bastard outside forcing me in, I have no idea. I annoyingly said to myself.

"Well... just wanted to check in." I said. "How was the meeting by the way?"

Her green, gentle eyes suddenly turned to fierce, oceans of death, threatening me like a wild serpent. "God it was a hustle!" She bursted. "Those bloody officers!"

She ranted on and on for about a minute, giving her thoughts about the issue and, might I say, Wow. Never knew she had an evil, twisted, British accent before but, wow. She sounds kinda cute.

After her many ramblings here and there about those "bloody imbeciles," she eventually cooled off and returned to her pseudo-American accent, starting to transition from politics (yes, it went that far) to smaller, personal stuff.

Our "short" chat seemed to go on for hours, exchanging things from the smallest of value, like favorite colors, to more important things, like family and experiences. Time seemed to stop momentarily as we exchanged laughter and smiles, gleaming at each others' faces from time to time. The light from the lamp seemed to enjoy the moment alongside me, with the light ever so bright, illuminating the tent.

Then, it happened. I asked what I shouldn't have. "What were you crying about?" I said.

Her face went downhill from there.

The light from the lamp seemed to glow weaker, emitting a more softer, lesser light than before. Our shadows were seen along the walls of the tent, awkwardly facing down into the cold floor, losing the momentum of our robust talk.

"Come with me." She said, picking herself up and going out of the tent.

I stood slowly on my feet, and followed her outside. A cool, gentle breeze greeted me as I was enthralled by her hair dancing playfully along the wind, seemingly having the time of its life.

"Wanna go back to the lake?"


The purple and blue leaves danced playfully around us as we walked down the forest, small bits of moonlight shimmering down beneath the canopy, lightly resting upon our heads. The smell of freshwater tingled my senses as we arrived at the banks of the still lake, fireflies flying lowly in the grass underneath us.

"It's amazing huh?" She said, looking out to the open lake. The moon's reflection was shining brightly on the surface of it, gleaming with might and wonder.

The sound of crickets filled the forest, creating a familiar yet natural voice of nature. The wind picked up as it lightly played with my shaggy white hair.

"Do you want to dance?" She said sparingly, her face flushed with redness.

I stood quite, idle and unmoving.


"I guess not huh?" She said. "Haha... guess I was being too assumptive--"

My body moved all on it's own. A warm feeling enveloped my arms and chest, a sweet smell greeting me as a soft, gentle girl lied crying between my two arms.

I gently lifted her face with tears still flowing, wiping it off with my palm. She looked so surreal and dream-like, with her body and face the perfect picture I've ever so come across.

"May I have this dance?" I asked as I held her left hip with my right hand, positioning ourselves in a frisky kind of way, lightly playing with each others' body.

I grasped her right hand with my left, and extended it slightly, her other hand laid rested on my right shoulder. I gleamed at her widely, enjoying the time of our lives as we danced back and forth under the glistening light of the moon.

I looked at her closely as we slowly danced, her green eyes sparkling with "pizazz" which Jason was talking about.

"You okay with this?" I asked nervously.

Our height wasn't all that different, with hers' only an inch lower. I stepped over her foot many times as we danced, but it was all still beautiful, with our hands guiding each other in an imaginary beat we made for ourselves and this little bubble around us.

"You know what?" She said casually. "I've got a better idea."

She guided my arms along her gentle hands, allowing it to rest beside her hips. She leaned in closer and threw her arms to rest upon my shoulders, creating an intimate space just between the two of us, no less than an inch closer.

"Better." She said with a pure face, lightly playing with my hair as we continued to dance. We disturbed the little fireflies below, resulting to a hundred of them taking flight to aid our one-of-a-kind night show.

As we slowly came to a stop, she gazed at my eyes with a playful expression, smiling as she thought of something so sinister, so evil, so wicked, it'll knock your socks right off.

She stole a kiss.


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