Beautiful Defender
1 The Days Of Innocence
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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1 The Days Of Innocence

"Gem....gem....gem",she was just awoke and she heard it, she knew it was Li, house owner's son who barely started uttering few words and called her Jen as Gem, she was never annoyed instead she always felt pleasing to her ears,

she woke up and hurried toward Li who was about to fall with his tottered steps, though she herself was five years old but she always felt herself as his big sister, when she started using her eyes to see she found herself in this house,

though he uncle and aunt were greatly kindhearted toward her, still she felt loneliness sometime but when Li came into existence she felt herself overly joyed, Li was son of her benefactors her uncle and aunt.

Now she could play all day long with Li, though she knew that her days of carefree life were going to end soon, she would be sent for admissions in Primary Grade Level Manner Institute to learn manners and behavior for her next schooling and life as well and eventually would not be able to spend carefree time with Li.

She hurried toward Li and grabbed Li from fall, Li showed her new wooden toy which his father just bought for him to play and Li was eager to show to Jen.

She praised his toy and promised to spare time for play then came out from room and washed her up in bath changed her dress and came out in front of open kitchen, she sat in front of her aunt.Looking at her, her aunt brought a warm expression on her face, while pouring a cup of tea and porridge she explained,

"Tomorrow you would head toward Primary Grade Level Manner Institute with your uncle for your admission, remember to pack necessary clothes and things you wanted there, you would live there for two years, her aunt completed her sentence bringing a smile on her face, Jen was eating apparently while she was shocked to hear that she would be there for whole two years. There were many things to do before next day, she hurried to pack everything she needed still it took for

hours, she went to meet her only friend and neighbors.

She went to take a look at fields where she used to stroll during evenings and before evening came back, when she entered the door she saw Li playing under a temporary bamboo constructed roof, she scanned through surrounding she felt unease, she was unsure what was that whatever she went straight to Li and grabbed his hand and ran from temporary bamboo constructed roof as soon as she left the shadow of roof, roof fell immediately.

Meanwhile her aunt witnessed this incident even she could not move to help because she felt that her feet were freezed to ground due to fear and was unable to cry for help even. After a short incense of sign she ran toward Li and embraced them frantically and kissed several time Jen, she was sure that if it was not Jen,

her son might not be alive these moments, it was due to Jen timely conscience that her family was saved from this disaster, she embraced Jen once more and looked at her and smiled and said, "My brave daughter".
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    《Beautiful Defender》