Beautiful Defender
2 Journey To Yellow River
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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2 Journey To Yellow River

Next day she prepared for her hearty breakfast and also packed some for her journey too, embraced her before bidding her goodbye and said, "Remember to be modest all your way of years in learning because a modest heart learns good will, farewell"

Li was slightly sad but waved her goodbye with warm smile. Her uncle was a man of few words but she always received fatherly affection from him, it was due to her study that she had to part with, a coachman was riding the cart and she and her uncle were sitting inside shaded cart not too worn with years.

Outside scenery was rapidly moving, she was excited in her heart, whole day was passed and they were still moving, except the intervals they took to take rest and eat, finally they entered a huge gate, they stop there for a while and she looked at the erected grand words,

"Yellow River School", while she was supposed to get admission in Primary Grade Level Manner Institute, they further went in, now they traveled through river side, beautiful and calm river indeed, on both sides were flower lines and beyond flowers lines were vast green grounds, she was in complete daze just in end river further turned a different path and in front of them was magnificent building of different pattern,

she witnessed very first time and in its head was fairly written Primary Grade Level Manner Institute, now she looked surprisingly this was the place where she would spend two years, no bad, she thought in her heart,

she was allotted a separate room for stay and today was her face to face interview with Dean and Deputy of Yellow River School, she wore her best clothing and prepared for interview, her uncle accompanied her in the office of Dean and they clasped fist and bowed to each in respect and took seats when Dean nodded.

She was not worried over anything they did not questioned her either her parents or belongings, Dean was a man of ordinary looks but reserved in manners while Deputy Dean was female, she was simply elegant Dean directly talked to her uncle that if she performed well, she would be promoted to the Yellow River, now she truly curious about this Yellow River, they further explained things to her uncle and he simply nodded in agreement.

Jen and her Uncle bowed to Dean and Deputy Dean and left the office with a smile on their faces.

Her uncle dropped her at her residing room, "You no longer belong to village now you are at a big place where there were numerous opportunities for you to polish yourself and after you performed well and promoted, there were few things that your uncle wanted to share with you, remember after two years you would be seven years old and your uncle had promised to his friend that the legacy of

father would be delivered to daughter at seven".

Her uncle caressed her bid her farewell, this was the second time that her uncle reminded her about the legacy of her father, and second time she thought about if her uncle was to this much affectionate, how much she would have received from her father, she looked at the disappearing figure of her uncle and turned back to her room.

There were things to be done today before the first attendance tomorrow, there was small book shelf where Primary Grade Level Manner Institute rule book was placed also white robs set of clothes and few things she needed in her first attendance, she went through rule book, there was also a small booklet which illustrated how to behave in front of an attendant she keenly read them moreover they were very simply elaborated.


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