Beautiful Defender
3 Orientation Day
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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3 Orientation Day

The bell of her room rang and she woke up, she looked through window it was still dark outside, no sign of morning, she hurried to dress up, combed well and exited from her room, all students of her age were gathered in central hall, it was spacious generously and without seats to sit all were standing according to their row number and batch number.

Jen also found her standing point despite the fact of being early rising every student was attentive, so this was the Manner Class Orientation Day, fair enough after few minutes, a figure appeared from front entrance of hall, tall, white robs, mild expressions with a face full of smiles every student paid immediate bow despite of his mild and carefree expressions of course no one would like to stand on lose ends, facts remains facts.

Hall was illuminated with shine stones maximized with mirror reflections today our juniors selection would represent Primary Grade Level in the Yellow River in the Annual Feast Lunch, you were selected by high references and also at the will of Deans, remember to stellar at the lunch and now let's explore the different parts and halls of Primary Grade Level, there was no warning for inappropriate behavior never forget, saying this his expression changed into solemn, they all followed suit behind him.

All students behind him started follow they were all focused on following contemplation hall and then other corridors ins and outs lord was explaining about the places they visited and their placements in different class as well as strict rules, time was slipping fairly rapid before noon they were ordered to prepare for the lunch and gather in the same hall, remember there was limited time for preparing soon everyone was in hurry to make way back to their rooms.

Jen also followed she was feeling alien to this place but she could not break tacit kind intentions of her uncle she dressed her up and hurried back to hall, within incense of time hall again brimmed with students of Primary Grade Level, everyone was looking promptly decent,

again that lord manner appeared and left saying "Follow" there were long chariots and were parked, they were instructed seat according to their batches,

they left behind the building while moving blue stone were used in the making of path way and on their both sides were exceptionally green turf after an hour ride they approached outskirts of a temporary created feast garden.

Its entrance was decorated with exceptionally colorful flowers, inner part was divided into different grades according to the feast attenders grades, Primary Grade, Intermediate Grade, High Grade, Imperial Grade, Protector Grade, Protector Grade was where the high achievers and protectors of the Yellow River was destined to sit, there seats were definitely high placed, students of Primary Grade were moved where they were allocated seats long dining tables were decorated with appetizing food filled dishes.

High Grade and Imperial Grade students were young boys and girls, sometime chatting and smiling each other's as compared to Primary they were looking everything with great attention and they were yet to interact each other,

evidently they were not acquainted each other and this was their officially first day after all, a voice came in every one's ears everyone got attentive towards the voice,

it was from the hosting sight and the speaker was Deputy Dean, she was looking extraordinary today, her purple robs were stunning,

her long hair was free from any formality of bun making, her presence made the elegance of place and moments two fold she spoke,

"We welcome our new batch of this year, everyone knew they would be our shining bright future and fair example was our protectors and high achievers they are making us proud in whole era", she pointed toward the seats of high achievers and protectors with a smile, now follow your lords and enjoy lunch she finished her bit of words and sat beside Dean.

Weather was pleasant and all students were elated by bits by being part of this place Jen was surprised to see grandeur inwardly now she was truly excited about the place she was in.

After four hours they were heading back to their Primary Grade, she was tired being busy whole day after they arrived at Primary Grade every students was allowed to rest so they moved toward their rooms, Jen also came in room and changed her dress,

concised the whole day in her thoughts and made few opinions, during those thoughts she fell asleep.


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