Beautiful Defender
4 Contemplation Class
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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4 Contemplation Class

Everyone was disciplined in the contemplation hall, Jen was sitting just like other students on the bare floor in a fixed position trainer was presented in front of them they attentively listened to what trainer had to instruct them they were not to allowed to move before the session of contemplation ends,

"Everyone concentrate on your heart and its flow of blood toward various vessels this would allow to feel within it either it is peace or perturbation, remember that today your assessment would be to understand the flow and its two armors only", mentor was skillfully guiding the way to do it with

his excellent way of explanation that made it simple to the extent, of course it depends on individual intellect of those who were learning that how much of his words they were able to extract and mend of their hearts with instructed abstract material.

"One Armor was to perform and create a pace that keep peace within flow and avoid any furious reactions and the second one is to infuriate and boil the blood within vessels.

Today your assignment is to find those both armors and differentiate with your level guide, bring it in harmony and lead it into your access and control,

we will practice it for a week or even a month until we access completely. Remember they are merely first tool to occupy the whole intellect of your hearts, it is not the brain that infuriates it is the heart, heart is the center of peace as well as war, that means we have been granted spiritual peace and devious fury in one place and that place is our hearts", with this mentor stop and started his peaceful breaths to encourage new session of onlookers, he was impressively peaceful no doubt.

Jen was up brought in a peaceful place and also she got lot of affection from her uncle and aunt,

this helped her to develop a kind of self-confidence, this self-confidence coupled with her kindheartedness she became worthy of intelligence,

she never herself and now that her uncle and aunt expected from her that she could prove better stamina, she would not disappoint them,

also learning is a good thing. Jen acknowledged every word of mentor and started to access both armors, she was deep in her observation with closed eyes,

for one hour there was not a single trace of anything, however it did not discouraged her, in fact she did it more ambitiously in second hour and at the end second hour she felt something that was not materiel substance, but a guard of something she continued without hesitation or delay it was interesting observation that guard she started to feel the guard was a strand of beginning,

but was not apparent what kind of beginning, after approaching to that place she was sure that if she followed that strand she would be able to discern it.

She inhaled a deep breath and heard that today's contemplation class over, she was contented with that she gained today, after that she took lunch.


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