Beautiful Defender
6 Field Class
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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6 Field Class

They were not ordered to gather in any of the hall but open ground of Primary Grade level Manner Institute though it was setting son beyond the vast field they felt complete uneasiness,

there was a silent chill in the air they were gathered there and soon were following their new mentor of Field Class,

he was stern and sturdy in his present condition, he instructed with serious tone, follow, they all followed behind carefully after walking

an hour they approached in front of tall mountain, mysteriously it was full with green herbs growing all over the mountain,

"This Thousand Herbs Mountain was full medicinal herbs and with body strengthening fruits which were helpful

for the higher level field students and trainers in their injured conditions to heel minor to sever injuries, next day we would learn about different properties of these herbs and how to collect them safely and remember not to wander outside border of this mountain,

they took hour to cross clearly cut passages and reached at the top,

everyone was wondered its maximum width don't talk about beyond boundaries they were looking horrible at night,

who would jump for his own death in the dark and deep valley beyond boundaries except for irrational stupid who chose to dive.

Let's not talk about horrible valley, mountain itself was a threat for these newbies, there was no need to fear because two protectors

were at diligent guard on those newbies and the reason why they were chosen that kind of field work was to create harmony among them and create a solid learning to work in collaboration with others without any ill intentions,

also it would benefit them in their future,

this man made mountain was truly a treasure, this mountain was more than the 9 respected Creeks that mountain was exceeding thousand years now and was also one of the symbol of Yellow River School,

Thousand Herbs Mountain was as magnanimous as Yellow River School, there were naught information about its origin and basic information,

every after twenty five years Dean selection was held and that selection and the selecting committee members were unknown,

they never appeared but they were the driving force of Yellow River School, everything in and out was in perfect order nobody would dare

to challenge its rules and customs after they ended up with introduction of mountain, they head back in the supervision of mentor ,

though they tried to have a look on they Protectors sneakily but they found nobody around, by the time students returned it was already late evening,

all the students were tired too much, first actual learning day was simply more than 48 hours in their perspective,

they were tired to the point that they were unable to say good night to their newly made friends, soon residential building fell

into silence because everybody was in deep sleep now they could understand that their two years would be a tough time for them,

at the entrance Yellow River School three words were shining brightly few shadows were moving within and outside on guard, Protectors of Yellow River School, it was just another peaceful night, what made peace exist foresight and Palladium.


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