Beautiful Defender
7 Two Armors Of Spirituality
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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7 Two Armors Of Spirituality

What made it difficult to access the first strand was lack of observation, if you continued to observe deep you would catch it,

"Don't make it burden by using forceful concentration it would make more and more severe do it with ease continue until you meet it",

seven days were at its end and there contemplation class mentor could guess the problem faced by these newbies

he could only treat them more gently and instructed the core problem the faced. At this moment disciples were continuously in their deep understanding of their hearts,

there was a hint of satisfaction it would be unusual if all the disciples enlightened this one armor so easily,

it would be shocking for all the past disciples of this mentor, first step was always difficult for most of the students,

but the core reason of his surprise was his two disciples, from their apparent peace he could feel they were doing well.

Jen was completely immersed in her observations the armor of peace was cold to the extent much cold that if one wanted to touch would feel burning sensation also it was reluctant to allow to be touched,

what made it even hard its aptitude, the time Jen wanted to touch it with her observation it would solidify

its approach the more she tried the more she in vain it took her three months to unlock its solidification the time she spent was study period of insights which made it more impeccable when she finally approached,

she was able to classify its functions and stamped her will over it in next few months,

her advancement was too rapid if compared to the other disciples,

many were struck at different stages of approach and few were only able to unlock, since Jen was able to make it early,

she had the time to regulate her own will which was even double for her approach her rapid progress made her mentor startled he had never met such genius disciple before,

every month separate sessions of every student with

him brought in him a new sense of understanding toward his students and the achievement in the last month what made him more shocked was the progress of Jen that she every month step forward,

he took few separate test from her to ensure his suspicion he finally elated with the excitement that he finally met a real little genius,

her progress was also reported to other mentors of the Primary Grade Level Manner Institute, moreover she was truly reserved in her manners

and discipline she was not intended to make friends rather willingly help whenever she thought the other one needed he help,

Su Qi had become her friend ever since she met with Jen,

though friendship was untested yet.

After every contemplation session she would come to Jen and ask her things according to her understanding and Jen would answer according to her own understanding,

this was routine. Almost within a whole year she became master in one armor of peace and at end of the year a grand test proved it,

her results were shocking and her mentor tried to hide from Archons, he was aware of the facts that if her results were to known others she would be next in the list of his missing students,

he was already regretful because he never knew what happened to them.
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    《Beautiful Defender》