Beautiful Defender
8 The Difficulty Of Fury
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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8 The Difficulty Of Fury

Also he thought to better hide her true results and instructed her to not reveal it to anyone, she was different in many aspect

he could observe very well and she understood immediately good intentions of her mentor, her uncle and aunt had had instructed her many things and this was one of them always avoid boastful nature.

She was more engrossed in her learning the second Armor of War, the savage layers of fury were unbridled within the blood formation,

they were without any consciousness even after one month she could only recognized its first appearance,

difficulty was it could hide within blood flow, its consciousness level was zero due to the intense heat that it exude at times and burned eventually its blowing consciousness, the second month was at its end too,

she began to panic, she began to forcefully push fury in a ditch but soon she found it was impossible at present and she could only handle to ditch fury once she was able to find the density of its layers. It was third month and she was still clueless,

she discontinued the observation for a while,

ended her interaction class early and ran toward Thousand Herbs Mountain, she had become familiar with many herbs there, still hundred fold unknown to her,

she was wondered at the mountain inward she was thinking about her problem currently faced in her learning,

she was her thoughts that she immediately felt there was someone too other than her, she guessed the direction and walked in that direction,

he was picking some herbs while sitting nonchalantly,

"This senior please accept my greetings, also may I seek forgiveness for interrupting this senior", he raised his head and looked at the little,

her manner shows her upbringing, "Impressive"

"May I know this junior is looking for something?", he stood up and paid back her greeting, "How may I address this senior?" he immediately answered,

"I am known as Zhi Chang third protector of Yellow River and who is this junior?", he himself was shocked when he introduced himself,

it never happened to him before, he was genius of Yellow River School and always got top grades the reason why he was selected third protector was because he was exceptionally talented and proved himself,

she could see this senior was less than twenty years old and was third protector already, moreover she felt that every word of his was without and hint of pride, clearly he was impressively talented,

she wished to achieve high place through hard work like this senior brother. "I am Jen Ming from second session of Primary Grade,

this junior have some questions on behalf of learning, may I ask this senior to spare time for the answers?",

she looked at him with little hope and bowed her head in respect,

he was tall and it was difficult for her to look at his face, she felt that she was trying to look at sky. "Indeed I have spare time today to answer this junior, please ask?"

"Why it was difficult to find the layers of fury? Is this common to all?" "Not everyone, it depends mainly on present intentions or caliber toward fury, for example,

if one is revengeful at present and developing it by every moment, if observed then it would feel the growing fury and ultimate layers

of fury only then we can divide those layers with our understanding, few people possess fury in its sever from that could destroy this whole mountain with a single intent but that is rare" he explained briefly.
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    《Beautiful Defender》