Beautiful Defender
9 Meeting With Third Protector
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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9 Meeting With Third Protector

"Is there no other way to study fury?" she was little disappointed,

"There is, if you wanted to go further then you have to forcefully suppers the heat that fury exude, if you successfully suppressed,

fury would surrender to you and further steps would be easy going but there is a danger," she was completely focused at the word of this senior,

"If you lack your will at any stage, the heat within fury will burn you to ash, your hold on the situation would determine your success,"

she nodded her head like a child but then got serious and asked, "Could it be because senior faced this obstacle,"

surprised he looked at her and said, "This junior is observation is stilling if compared to age," he chuckled, she had few more question but she immediately stood up,

there was someone around them who is intentions was not pure, "Senior someone..." Zhi Chang stopped from speaking, he himself felt it,

now he was on guard, he had sword, on his back,

and this mountain was a safe place for everyone, the only reason that juniors were allowed to

wander here was because nobody would ever dared to cross the boundaries of this mountain moreover

dark valley was silent most of the time, both searched the direction, when they moved to the direction they found a shadow charging into entrance

of valley in the dim light of setting Son also someone caused the boundary line to disintegrate from valley side,

Zhi Chang instructed her to not wander here next time until it was proclaimed safe again, she nodded in a acceptance, they head back through the passage made to climb,

there were things to be negotiated with other seniors so after he bid her goodbye at the Primary Grade,

he head toward the Dean Office, during his walk he re-visualized and got stunned at the ability of this little junior,

he was ready to welcome in the future this little junior as a supreme existence he clearly admired geniuses, his mind was broad just like his heart,

third protector had some anxiety it was unknown who broke Thousand Herbs Mountain boundary also who was that shadow,

it was a matter of security directly related to him and he was going to talk about it with seniors. She head back to her room, she made some notes from her memory and rearrange her own understandings,

as for the matter of Thousand Herbs Mountain she was not curious at all, there were senior most people who the protectors of every boundary of Yellow River,

what she should do, was to focus on her capabilities and become a master of spirituality,

there were other geniuses who were doing well if she lacked observation or collapsed her focus she would remain stuck at nothing

and her future achievement would be equal to naught.

Let's not talk about her future achievement think about her uncle and aunt how dejected they would feel to know about her failure,

it could not be back their affection she should not let them feel ashamed, she fell asleep during these thoughts in her heart.


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