Beautiful Defender
10 Completion
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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10 Completion

Next day was not the same she had resolved her problem now it was time to observe in the contemplation class,

she wholeheartedly sit and closed her eyes, it was a class of more than thousand students, she need not to waste her time,

today she was prepared, the advantage was that if someone wanted to remain whole day in his observation no one would disturb additionally would leave hall quietly,

completely engrossed she met the first layer

though it burning with fury but she herself was burning with force and determination that cause the first layer to guide down soon,

second layer was already unstable she grab the opportunity to suppress it immediately, her apparent flashed red with happiness, every day she was paying more and more time her hunger times reduced too, she took next three months to last at seventh layer,

she was astonished when it first appeared the 6th one indeed her fury was folded in seven layers which was unusual

other may have 4 or 5 but she actually possess 7th amazed she carried on, three month ran in a flash and she had learned and gained full control over this armor,

finally started practice, she was keen in her practice because during practice she would learn the fragments which

were neglected during first learning so practice was of much benefit to her and the results proved it too, out of thousand disciple only few were expelled at the end of session due to the lake of rules caliber.

She was among the toppers, because she was among the toppers so she was free to choose whether to continue

to advance further in Two Armors of Spirituality during her sacred school three years learning or simply choose

one art among Seven Arts to start a practiced development of her life capability. Also she would be allowed to

access a portion of Yellow River for advanced contemplation, while who chooses to follow life arts would be allowed to access

Live Combat Coliseum to witness the true skills and one more perk would be to West Wood Demesne for real practice.

Live Combat Coliseum where Imperial Grade and High Grade students could challenge each other for friendly Practice sessions and Intermediate

Grade was allowed to spectate, they could spectate under the guidance their mentors and were briefly introduced with skills which were allowed for such sessions,

and in fact these sessions were more helpful

than ordinary one's as compared to hall practice or mentor practice, there were hundred ways in orders to enhance Life Skills.

On the other hand West Wood Demesne where no rules were followed, only your fall could spare your life,

it was necessary because in real combat people or enemies don't follow rules, it was arranged every after

six months and anyone could enroll for this

practice session by the basis of eligibility,

these grounds polish next stars of school and were recommended by school to participate in outer challenges imposed by other schools and their Imperial Grades students,

over all there were opportunities and there was risk but without risk there is no way to improve.


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