Beautiful Defender
11 Jen Ming Received her Legacy
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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11 Jen Ming Received her Legacy

Separate small rooms were reserved for students, parents meeting after they were promoted to the Sacred School of Yellow River,

Jen also received the news of her guardian's arrival,

her uncle, aunt and younger Li, she got excited to receive the news and ran toward the meeting room 735,

she hugged Li and bowed toward her uncle and aunt, her aunt was happy to see her after two years, she could see changes in these two years,

Jen was looking more responsible and stellar,

and kissed her forehead to show her that her aunt missed her much in these two years, they were also happy to know that she was promoted to Sacred School,

it would guarantee her brighter future, her uncle spoke to her,

"I have been waiting for you to be seven years, now you are capable enough too so its real time to hand to you",

he brought small iron box, it was sealed carefully and from the looks of it seemed that was sealed for few years, she kept it and thanked her uncle, they talked about her time in Primary School especially Li eagerly listened her stories,

both her uncle and aunt were satisfied about her performance. They brought for her more decent clothes and gold coins for expenditures.

They bid goodbye to each other, she went back to her room while her uncle and aunt prepared for the long journey to their home.

She received another message to shift herself in Sacred School lodgings, her luggage was delivered too,

and it took her little to rearrange things in her new room, there were still two days for the welcome ceremony of new Primary Grade students,

she opened the seals of iron box, box cover opened with a creak sound and there was small booklet which was handwritten when she flipped

through few pages the book tittle was 'Defender' and who wrote it was not mentioned and there was wooden box within iron box it had been lock and there was

no key inside iron box so wooden box could not be unlocked yet, there was, there was also a worn out paper she unfolded it,

"Since you are reading this paper means you are already seven, the wooden box within the iron box is also meant for you only when you will be sixteen and what is inside belong to you,

you are next heir destined too, remember you have to achieve what your father lost once, there is no better inspiration for

a daughter than a father but this father of yours was tangled in petty matters that daughter suffered his absence, father is truly sorry…"

she could not read anymore she was already weeping silently how simple were her father's words but still she could feel too much affection from these words,

she never missed her father not because she did not had any tinge of belonging to him also her uncle was affectionate enough that she never felt it this way,

there was locket shaped of a bow,

she wore it on her neck and kept hide within neck cloth, she placed the book on book shelf then closed iron box,

she carefully divided gold coins for three years expenditures then.

The room was meant for her three years accommodation with a locker for valuable things to keep safe, arranged everything in the room,

two days were over and she was preparing herself to go to welcome lunch which was held every year.


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