Beautiful Defender
12 Advanced Class
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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12 Advanced Class

She choose three years for advanced contemplation because she felt that she lack true ability that was hidden because of her little understanding toward Two Armors,

she only knew that there were 30 to 35 students who chanced advanced contemplation to carry on with while other students went on to learn Life Arts of their own choice.

The area which was allowed of Yellow River for contemplation was misty,

it was much large place surrounded with mountains

and River twists between these mountains, it was magnificent sight, mountains would remain covered with light fog most of the time,

with the instruction from her mentor she headed toward Yellow River, she kept with herself little food,

all students were separately allowed different portions of Yellow River, for their mentor would instruct them separately

answering question and adding their own remarks and understanding, with this separate attention everyone was satisfied with mentor too,

she definitely would reap the benefits from this opportunity.

She began with Peace Armor, five layers of peace armor was only in her calculations now that she stepped on the first layer consciously,

Innocuous Stage was a harmless Layer of Peace,

it was also without any deadness, much simple in structure that one would love to stay there forever because of its simplicity,

she exhaled to fresh air and moved on second layer which was Nobility Stage what elevated her that this layer was so pure without any evil intentions at all,

it was vast from edges, she breathed freely after continuously wandering beyond in its restricted place,

this layer could form its visitor into multiple dimensions and giving endless peace and calm, she created her own dominion in the layer of Nobility Stage

which allowed her to visit this stage whenever she wanted,

within second layer traces of Obsolete Stage appeared, it was unknown whether these two were interconnected because there was huge difference in the structural

make over, its elements were different completely,

month over month passed and Jen got struck in Obsolete Stage but there was little thread she was reluctant to give up ditto fortunately

she had few herbs to strength her body as well as consciousness because she was unwilling to go back and break the sequence which she obtained in months,

she again started and directly jumped into third layer Obsolete Stage she multiplied her efforts and refresh the words of her mentor,

she finally hammered of difference of both threads of Nobility Stage and Obsolete Stage, there was a sense of coldness but that was steep

in action that make it difficult for her to touch at first attempt that coldness lead her to next layer. Hidden War Stage so this was the reason why it was

unapproachable if we don't cross the third layer we would never be able to find fourth layer of Hidden War Stage this stage could be called extreme ice stage, she shivered for moments and snickered to herself,

she was just a small insect in the field of understanding,

she celebrated and was thankful toward her mentor,

he was really extreme stage tutor and she was fortunate to have him.
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    《Beautiful Defender》