Beautiful Defender
13 Hidden War Stage
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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13 Hidden War Stage

This Hidden War stage was to shine her abilities the coldness covered her body thank fully she had the vastness of Nobility Stage which was a double perk in this for her,

what was the use that vastness if she could not

spread coldness there in next three month she was able enough to collect that coldness back and fix at rational levels,

this improvement fairly increased her confidence too,

now she could spread that coldness around her and collect back at her own will, now she was happy inside.

She felt some fluctuation in the air and then heard some movement around, she rolled around her eyes there was someone sitting motionlessly,

rose up and went toward she was sure it was territory of Yellow River that no one could invade in easily he was middle-ages man with grey robs he was injured,

fortunately she had herbs to cure he was motionlessly

sitting close to small rock stone, she squeezed few leaves and pour the liquid into the mouth of middle-aged man after half an hour he opened his eyes and looked at the little girl,

standing in front of him, he saw the mashed leaves on ground and immediately understood, "May I know who is this senior?"

she respectfully bowed to him and asked, he got stunned her respectful ways and ability to provide the most suitable herb to heal though

he was not fully recovered but was feeling well,

he clasped to and spoke, this senior addressed Nine Creeks and indeed one from Nine Creeks, he stood up,

"And you must be one from Advanced Contemplation Class,"

he was sure one thing and that was her promising future,

now she was confused she never heard Nine Creeks and added more to it she even did not completely read Yellow River complete

introduction book so she was clueless who were Creeks and what was their business, she kept quite this was she could do at such time,

the man could guess her confusion but continued with a chuckle, "Not bad, you reaching Fifth Layer in this young age,

I reached it when I was already at twenty years of my age and you are just eight years old, impressive, really impressive…"

she was stunned to hear how this old man knew her progressed level of layers but since she had formed a rough calculations about

this man extraordinary position in the Yellow River School, she immediately bowed and hesitated a little then spoke, "Junior is tad learner only."

Middle-aged man was satisfied with her manners so he let loose some pointers for her understanding,

"The place you choose is really of benefit especially this river bank and surrounding it will add to your knowledge ditto overcome many moments of suppression's," she bowed and spoke, "Junior will remember"

he fluttered his robs and took small flights to reach the nearest mountain and vanished, the reason why she could see his flight toward mountain was because today

area was little clear as compared the other days and for the very first time she could see that there were actually nine mountains equally complementing each other.


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