Beautiful Defender
14 Motionless Stage
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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14 Motionless Stage

She thought about middle-aged man and why he was injured perhaps they still practice Life Arts in a fierce manner like young people,

because there were benefits to continue practice it would add ability as well as living years she went back at her accommodation,

rested for few days took small amount of food and came back at Yellow River which was decorated with Nine Mountains.

She sat and closed her eyes slowly make through the fourth layer surprisingly fell into fifth layer it was opened,

fourth layer tried to oppress her while fifth was trying to suppress within its silence, sometime silence create peace and sometime

it create conflict and this one suppressed even breath and engulfed within its extreme motionlessness so this was Motionless War Stage,

this layer dominion suppressed her much initially

she fell in that dominion for few months woke up with the help of Obsolete Layer mysterious stage indeed make it out after she suppressed it

she forcefully breath to make any motion no matter if it was air motion it would break the spell of extreme silence,

when the air moved in the dominion this layer she smiled because the effort was reasonable, it was her turn she forced suppress this layer,

if anyone happened fell in this layer, he might live alive dead in this layer, period of stay would decide the owner of layer,

quite impressive, quite good to have such layer, she thought. She prepared some herbs which were cold sensation in effects,

moreover her surrounding could be considered cold enough to freeze boiling water within seconds, directly charge toward first layer of fury,

yes! She was at Armor of Fury now the second Armor of Spirituality, in her previous two years at Primary Grade she calculated its seven layers now it was time to occupy them.

On the other hand her mentor was keeping eye on her since he was mentor past many years he never had such

disciple of him to check Armor of Fury so early if only he remembered the history there was a disciple of

Yellow River who was able to do so but he was a respected

heir of a noble clan and he was surrounded with

mentors and opportunities while she was simple and belong to village definitely her origins were simple,

he had to inform higher up to provide her with best opportunities those were better able to polish her abilities in her next years of Life Skills.

Fear suppress the ability as well as the power of resistance while anger blind the best possible ways tackle the object,

she was little disappointed the first layer of fury was Scintilla Stage, it lack the ability of resistance and also

incites sparkles of fear after times, she daringly called it innocent but because its dominion seemed suppressed by a single touch of hers,

she thoughtfully jumped in second layer which was Seethe Stage,

visible traces of anger, now this was something adorable but it was harmless anger that means only anger nothing else ditto could be tamed easily,

in just one month she was at the third layer,

she suspected she might be on wrong understanding or she had lost her way completely of understanding,

no she shattered her thoughts immediately then there was third layer Rage Stage.
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    《Beautiful Defender》