Beautiful Defender
15 Rage Stage To Conflagration
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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15 Rage Stage To Conflagration

This stage was extreme anger stage much of the anger and fury was burning and boiling with the layer,

she was amazed at gradual rising of the flames of fury,

instant latter her happiness also changed into fury, and visibly these flames were trying cover her up and wanted to make her furious equally,

since she was up brought in stable and decent atmosphere without any evil intentions moreover she never got angry easily because

she was in comparably reserved in many ways so this third layer was helpless and when it got helpless

it was her turn to capture the week moment of its third layer, she made a quick move with suppression and everything within the layer got in her control.

Fourth layer was visibly separate from other three layers,

its dominion was stronger than the three, fourth layer Conflagration Stage and the big difference was its destructive nature,

Jen got stunned for hours, how extreme fury was turning into destruction,

the first impression of Jen was horror, but could not continue her fear to grew up because it could be dangerous for her,

she swept up with its waves then she was already on the verge of death, no matter she immediately need idea to cover up, what about Peace Third layer Obsolete Stage to attack on Conflagration Stage of fury she had to take risk though it was unknown to her if she could do it merging two layers or command a layer to hold back another layer,

no she could not try if she lost would be a complete lost, her own nature of kind heart was more strong than

any random layer of destruction how could she simply lost at the hand a mere layer her own reservedness enveloped every corner of the fourth layer,

what she shocked at she actually controlled its violence what a balance she had it and used it now not bad after all,

she thought to herself, calming herself she continued with suppression and became the owner of this terrific layer,

she heaved a sigh, at least, before she could rejoice for few moments she fell at fifth layer she was surprised because she did not intent to walk toward fifth layer,

it was Inferno Stage but she fell already there, no way it was not fifth layer it should be called hell she was sure to die here,

the heart was incomparably strong before entering into

Yellow River School of learning she had no future plans or extraordinary wishes but to obey her uncle and aunt

and express her gratitude for their grace and affections and the time she promoted at advanced understanding

and had received legacy of her father she wished to meet her father once in her life,

also she intended open that wooden box in the

future when she would be sixteen years old and had rights to open the box but this Inferno Stage was cruelly presenting her memories in front of her,

she regretted on many things which were indeed her days of happiness and innocence.
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    《Beautiful Defender》