Beautiful Defender
16 Rage And Inferno Stage
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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16 Rage And Inferno Stage

How could this inferno be cruel to her to make worse her good memories,

she shouted and attacked with the help of her third layer of fury Rage Stage, she herself was shocked at her own fierce attack,

her reaction acute though fifth layer was strong but her reaction was strongest though layer counter attacked in first few attempts but her fury was at its peak,

layer itself was got silent after few days it reacted and accepted Jen as the lord of its dominion, what it could be else, it took her at the cost of her own peace, she felt the anger in her which was not present before her attack, with gain there is loss too,

another sight she felt with the achievement of her understanding she was also getting new experiences toward a complete nature,

insights were truly strange for commons she thought that she was no more an ordinary commoner as she thought it she directly charged in to sixth layer of Absolute Stage,

after she entered she felt emptiness, this layer and its dominion was largest without any doubt but why it was empty like this,

slowly she walked around but was still in daze when she felt it,

slowly got worse the temperature of her surrounding rose up to the extent that was unwearable her body felt tearing and burning sensation exactly it was not insight

it was outside, the surrounding atmosphere of her fleshly body got worsen, this was rational too and pressing her down willingly, the trying to convert her into nothingness,

heat enveloped her completely, her first reaction was horrible event to herself then she calmed down gradually,

there were times in a human life when he thinks that he is just a small insect in front of nature, she borrowed

Absolute Peace from the depths of Yellow River then converted it into cold radiance that cold radiance entered in her heart and from there circulated in her whole body when it reached in her brain,

it replaced existing waves of change into pure habitual phenomena which was even more complicated than before the degrees it moved 360 that means in whole body,

it looked like it filtered her blood and separated contaminated elements from it, she was unable to discern this step because she took first step and other steps were destined,

it seemed now, this she did not suppress she swallowed up this force and gulped down, only then surrounding atmosphere reduced,

she had to collect and tame either way because of infinite efforts and continuous contemplation she was already

used to force suppress layers and because of her continuous changes in her inner nature and understanding this was also reflection

of her knowing and a reflection of will power, after all what was the use of knowing if there was no will power, after the Absolute Stage,

there was Zero Stage, a huge difference indeed drastic

difference if one was not careful one would lost in shockingly limitless 7th and last Zero Stage.
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    《Beautiful Defender》