Beautiful Defender
18 End Of Contemplation Years
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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18 End Of Contemplation Years

Her mentor was now at rest because he was assured that no one would dare to harm his disciple also with the end

of these years his mentor-ship also and did,

one day she would know that he took risk in hiding her true results of Primary Grade Level, on the other hand Jen Ming

could feel the attention given to her by her mentor,

she was filled with elation and gratitude once approved by Mentor she would not need to take any assessment further,

once again she stepped in next and was promoted but this was Advanced Imperial School Class which was for the Life Arts designed by the Three Golden-Elders,

since she selected three years for Advanced Contemplation,

she was little behind from her Primary Grade fellow disciples that meant for her more tense competition,

also it mainly depended upon which Life Arts she would choose for her skills improvement.

She took few days to attend workshop on skill choice only one caught her eye 'Archery' once she made her mind she was firm to it,

according to her view it was unique, quite impressive and reserved, last quality matched with her nature too; reserved, so made a choice and filled application,

she was provided mentor and housing in

Advanced Imperial School once she done with relocation of her

room she spent few days in rest and study the book

she received in her legacy from her father


Legacy Booklet

"My small clan was a happy place I got seven years old and then joined an

'Archery Life Skill School' because my small clan was famous for the production of best shaft and bows but

they never had an archeries of their own being clan head my father decided to make his son extreme skilled in archery an thus

I was thrown into learn this Life Skill though

I was unhappy because I lived carefree before and now there were strict mentors and hard practice. I was also aware about this single wish of my father,

gradually I started to develop interest in the practice and soon everyone in the Archery School got impressed by my talent after years

Emperor sent his officer in different small Life Skill Schools to gather from their promising talent, number of students were selected and sent

Secret Imperial Academy for further training,

trainers were ruthless, it was called simply hell, I was dejected, I tried to run from that place and reached on the premises of my clan but where was the clan?

There was nothing anymore I could not find them I came back because no one was aware of my run away,

I started training more seriously within the gape of ten years and coupled with number of field practice and challenges I was acclaimed as famous archer commander naturally Emperor passed the orders for my place in his war army,

I started to participate in the wars one after and another,

with my experience my place in the army got higher and

higher few more years and I gained the seat of Extreme Archer Commander in the court of emperor.


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