Beautiful Defender
19 Legacy Bookle
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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19 Legacy Bookle

When I was enough satisfied with my higher position then I went to investigate again about my clan disappearance,

Emperor got the wind and sent orders to prepare for next war and this time I was chief of army but I was able to

gather some information that the Emperor passed orders to destroy the whole clan because my father was not

willing to send me in Secret Imperial Academy and Emperor got offended and resulted in the destruction of my small clan

but my father was wise enough he sent most of

families away in a save place because the soldiers of Emperor could destroy but my father died defending his clan territory,

the order that was passed to make me chief of army was a fake because there was no next war until a year,

my loyal slave told me in fact it was to delay

my advancement so I found the rest of my clan members, they were leaving miserable and constantly hiding from Emperor spy because of my position I had collected many rewards I spent fortune to prepare for defenses of my people.

There was no way to run so I decided to fight

prepared other men of my clan they were willing to fight than to hide somewhere else, every time hundreds of soldiers

would come and I was on guard before they could come within hundred meters a rain of shafts would fall on then and next time

they would increase the number of soldier and I would order remaining clan members to retreat for few hundred meters,

my clan was already located at the outer edges

of country so we were closed to boundary now and on the other side of boundary was country from our Emperor was afraid of,

they also were aware of my presence in the army and now for few days fight they were able to witness my capability so sent me a secret letter that if I was able to cross the boundary they would welcome us,

there was no choice you were small and

this was hope so I gambled over this letter,

this time it was expected that Emperor would send full force to perish before we could cross the boundary, my people call me defender so I will fight till the end…"

she felt she was in a fast flash of events though it was really brief and most of the details were not mentioned like who was the Emperor?

What was the name of the grandfather and father?

Might her father intentionally left that details but she finally had some understanding toward the circumstances of her father,

this booklet was wrote by her father, whatever was the reason by skipping important names, must be a strong one,

she needed to make herself strong and skilled like her father she was sure all the circumstances and events

were there left to be solved in future one day she might be able to solve and find more about her father.


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