Beautiful Defender
20 Advance Imperial School
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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20 Advance Imperial School

What left her pleasant after she entered first learning hall,

her separate training section, every disciple was provided with separate training and learning section but there was a tall,

beautiful young lady with a broad smile her crimson rob was an added compliment to her looks, "Pick up your bows and shafts and arrange in this manner,

"she herself produce her on bow and shaft and displayed them actual position how to hold it, at the distance 20 ft was destination mark for the pointed shaft,

"Concentrate on your mark and when I say release then all of you should release the shaft" mark your position and now "release"


with her order everyone released its shaft, few were able to reach closest circle and few were far away, Jen was able to mark it rightly in her first attempt,

"Remember, mental focus and concentration make it right mark,

Jen good attempt" again mentor Cen Shao instructed them with her sincere and calm tone, while Jen Ming listened her careful,

half a day they spent in practice and then their mentor brought them in History Gallery where portraits of

well-known geniuses and their way of learning were described in related booklets, every day their mentor Sen Shao would bring them in different portions of Advanced Imperial School,

every day they would concentrate on new techniques

and more training, six were divided into three years

of home training and three years of field training respectively,

"Any other weapon once deployed during could be retracted within limits but if an arrow was released never could be retrieved you could only wait for the repercussions,

once you make complete calculation of target with confidence only then would be your turn, to become extreme existence of

archeries you need to temper best your heart and mind this is already your second year of Advanced Imperial School"

mentor Sen Shao knew well the problems archeries was meant to face, this Advanced Archery Class was only consistence of 30 disciple,

most of other choose among other Life Skills like Sword Skills, Rod Skills, Chain Skills… only few know the importance of being archeries,

this year they were shifted to the relatively big hall

"Every single shoot would determine the distance and minimum to reduce the time and increase distance needed constantly maintained momentum and trajectory,

every increased FPS distance would determine and improve performance,

continuous practice ensure the goal if we could achieve 100 to 200 fps within this year it would be enough for this year promotion and next year our goal would be high,

and don't forget mental focus and concentration and a lot of practice." Fellow sister Jen… heard from behind when she was about to left the practice,

she stopped and turned to look back,

he approached with fast steps and make fist to her, he was only one among nine male disciple who's performance was equal to Jen Ming,

he was of carefree nature but never degraded his fellow

brothers and sisters and the most agreeable thing was he never boasted about himself.


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