Beautiful Defender
21 Trip To Thousand Herb Mountain
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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21 Trip To Thousand Herb Mountain

Jen was thinking why he called for her,

"Chao Yin you ask for me?" "We are heading toward Thousand Herb Mountain to pick some herbs and main thing would be to calculate our understanding and merge with our Life Skill, would you like to go too?"

he asked casually, it was a startling idea indeed, she immediately considered it was good and there were benefits doing so,

she wondered why did not this crossed her mind before,

"Sure I wish to follow fellow brothers and sisters to Thousand herb Mountain", she make fist in return, soon they headed toward Thousand Herb Mountain,

cheering and chattering this team of 30 disciple

were all equal of age, few of them wanted to become a part of Yellow River Protectors and few wanted to recruited in the army of

Emperor because Archeries was a good place in the army of Emperor, and what it meant to be in the army of Emperor could consider an honor as well

Yellow River was small place if compared to the big

city where it was located and other foundations of schools hiring with similar large strength of students and indeed intense

competition to secure position in the army Emperor, the city Zhuang State part of Zhuang State was one of the seven States of Emperor,

Zhang Ming dynasty. Soon they reached at Thousand Herb Mountain,

they felt refreshed air which was added with fragrance of different herbs soothing their minds, they selected a fixed target,

only one attempt and found the flaws and started to fix them with the help of their approach of contemplation and understanding they

decided for the next day and returned, to hit the mark is different thing which was easy but send a hitting to make

it more devastating and effective was another thing they were intended to learn the second one because it was already less

than six months to enter the field and face the dangers head on head, if they lack anything they would be courting death in

actual field because the purpose of hard training disciples were sent into Endless Valley of Treasure Hunting,

by following rules they could practice anywhere in the Yellow River within their three years but after three years they would be thrown in Endless Valley

of Treasure Hunting, it was also called Dark Valley, and every school who choose his disciples to send there in the Endless

Valley were bound restrict a considerable area of this Endless Valley

of Treasure Hunting other than they would suffer the loss of their disciples,

because of unknown depth whoever went beyond would loss forever, never finding way back, it was already prestige to go there and practice,

if one was able to practice well and learn his own skills,

it was more than a treasure for one who wishes to find a treasure but there could actually be treasure if one was lucky enough,

sole reason was the fact that other schools of life skills of training also send their capable disciples in the Endless Valley and one who returns after

unharmed three years would be treated as prestigious,

but it was also a fact that not every student was sent in Endless Valley only one exceeds would be allowed in Endless Valley but it was also a

fact that every desire to enter the Valley. This was the reason why they madly practice and eliminating every flaw from their skills and in the end

only two hundred were qualified to enter in Endless Valley.


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