Beautiful Defender
22 Endless Valley Of Treasure Hunting
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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22 Endless Valley Of Treasure Hunting

They were ordered to enter in Endless Valley after initial preparations

and instructions and allowed to make pairs or group if they wish and if one was willing to explore alone would be responsible solely for one's own decision,

but they all were provided with maps of rough locations of valley,

everyone bid good bye and entered in valley on a bright morning, Jen was also prepared with necessary luggage,

she decided to move separate ways after entering Endless Valley she was prepared to focus on Two Armors of Spirituality to merge with her

Archery with extreme levels but her main concern was different from others though Extreme and Supreme were equal in many terms and

aspects but she was clear about the difference between these two levels and the difference was equal to

Heaven and Earth the difference was level of Purity,

Extreme level was unique no doubt but it lack purity and it was enough to lead its honor obscured understanding and it could

encrypt any sensitive moments its honor and destroy its owner's defenses leaving its owner at the hand of sensitive moment which was equal

to dancing at the border of life and death, on other hand Supreme was a stage which was difficult to achieve,

fortunately she was able to differentiate between these two levels, she was sure that this Endless Valley would improve her understanding toward Supreme level.

After ten days of walk she found a suitable place where she could practice, this place was surrounded with large and old woods,

she learned in last ten days to hunt small animals for her appetite her quiver was filled with arrows at her back and her bow was in her hands,

aimed at a wood bark with the Armor of Fury Stage Seethe it created a halo around and lock on tree bark as the arrow reached it started burning with fire…

not good,

its limiting the ability and it was her three arrows fired at three barks and continued it burning that was extreme level it was impure, if it continued,

Absolute Stage would burn everything, it was clearly against her temper and nature too, it was better for her to merge

Armor Of Peace with her Skill every shoot with three consecutive attempts and after every hundred successful attempts increased the distance,

100 fps and 200 fps and at least after two months 300 fps achieved, her first mark coupled with the aid of

Nobility Stage of Peace Armor she did not dare to touch Obsolete Stage,

it was hidden hammer, her goal was 600 fps, which was lower than her father but her first attempt would be to meet

Supreme Standard she was not willing to jump,

only gradual pace would improve better moreover she was only fourteen yet and there was way too long after all her martial arts would improve further.

Just that she crossed the mark 350 fps her arrow

was counter attacked and missed the next mark, soon a figure appeared in her senses.
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    《Beautiful Defender》