Beautiful Defender
23 Genius Of Dragon Star Academy
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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23 Genius Of Dragon Star Academy

From the looks he was not familiar and did not belong to Yellow River what she did not expect was that he shooted an arrow toward her,

she was best in calculation of intent, sure it was to knock down her,

very well she ignited her Armor of Peace and a calm domain of its own blocked the arrow within her palm and

looked toward the direction of figure, he was not got impressed instead chortled and said to himself, "Seems today was a fun day, little Swan could play why not then,"

he shooted another arrow and this time its surrounding air was concentrated with heat, she could feel the rage within space,

there was evident calm on her face and that face full of calmness more infuriated the other person, her

was after all genius of Dragon Star Academy and his high status was something should be feared, he was acclaimed disciple of with the qualification of Two armors of spirituality, this make him proud of himself,

no one could stand in front of him, quiver was golden that was something unique and she witness first time, night be a symbol of his so called academy 17 or 18 years old, such a proud, she was not impressed by bit of it,

she enveloped his rage with obsolete stage was

why she used that stage again because every time she entered in this stage,

it showed more space and understanding witch could possibly lead her toward enlightenment, as long as she enveloped,

Rage reduced to nothingness without need of her movement,

now he finally gritted his teeth and turned to leave she did not stop instead she scanned her surrounding she fell that someone was spectating her combat,

shook her head continued her practice without the lay she needed level up also she understood the benefits from combat,

she would not hesitate in future for head-on-head this was only way to measure the strength, the understanding

and feeling level up she really lack practical demonstration of her understanding toward her skill. Before her next mark practice she decided

to wander few days in the Endless Valley and find a more suitable spot for stay,

moved into more depths of Valley, more she moved in more, it got thickly woods in her way she met a disciple of Yellow River,

she was High Grade Student currently she was being surrounded with the four disciples of Tiger Hunt School, there were two girls and two boys and consecutively attacking her,

though Jen Ming did not know her mane but once she helped her at Thousand Herb Mountain in picking a specific herb which could make her mind more clear,

it was Fourth Leaf Herb, Jen was at that time puzzled between two herbs which was she needed then this

High Grade disciple helped her and clarified the

difference between those two herbs, Jen was happy and thanked her then and now Jen was surprised

to see her life skills singlehandedly fought four students of Tiger Hunt School and she was even superior in sword skill,

she praised her combat but the fourth girl which

was behind those three fighting tried to ambush her which angered Jen.


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