Beautiful Defender
24 A fellow of Yellow River
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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24 A fellow of Yellow River

Fair play could be forgiven but an ambush was distasteful and with this sudden ambush she received a severe wound on her right hand,

it was not good to hold back, she aimed at leg one of them and shoot rest of them got alarmed, other boy tried to make a last move,

Jen shoot another arrow which pierced through the hand of other boy, without taking any risk they ran from

spot she was injure holding her sword on ground she rested for a while and Jen approached her, "This senior I am Jen Ming",

Jen Bowed to her, she was also sure that someone was from her side,

"I am Jiao Zi" she stood and fisted her palm,

"I am thankful for your timely help," she could see bow in hands quiver at her back of Jen, "Let me take a look at your arm,"

it was not severe one, she squeezed few leaves to apply it on wound with an extra cloth, both walked between thick woods,

"This senior is skilled surely," Jiao Zi moved her hand and spoke,

"One who is truly skilled in sword could fight hundreds of enemies singlehandedly and still unharmed,"

she was simply letting her know that she was not skilled very well but her words shocked Jen, how could it be skilled then, it could be called

Heaven power or something like that more than a skill right?

She was sure one thing and that was power that expand every moment if we wanted to expand it and

there was hardly any limit but uncontrolled and untamed power was useless and shit according to her

perspective and the reason why she wanted to move from extreme stage and find supreme level. Two armors of Spirituality was a

Hidden Secret when a genius met another genius,

it was not a common display thing and was forbidden strictly to show in open way to secure the rights of common people,

so genius were sent into Endless Valley to practice both Armors of Spirituality, it was reserved for the real battle.

Almost hundreds of schools send their geniuses in Endless Valley every after three years, survivors would receive

huge rewards and recognition by their and also would be able to catch a chance in the Emperor army to protect different borders of Emperor

Estates, such geniuses were treasure against large enemy army,

"Senior I have a question to ask" Jen asked Jiao Zi while she said,

"Since we are from same school you should directly call me by my name or just Jiao," she tried to ease gape between both,

"Sister Jiao! Is the Endless Valley only chance to polish skill or there was another way too?" she asked straightforward, "Certainly not,

Endless Valley is only first step according to rumors there is Imperial Selection Competition after two years where every school of

life skills was allowed to participate and this time

Emperors only son is also supposed to participate in Imperial Selection Competition and I have heard he

is top genius of Heaven Thunder Mountain one of the

highest rank schools of life skills, Yellow River is among top ten while Heaven Thunder Mountain is among top three."
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    《Beautiful Defender》