Beautiful Defender
26 Bid Goodbye To Elder-Sister
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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26 Bid Goodbye To Elder-Sister

Jiao was also practicing outside her temporary camp,

Jen could guess that Jiao was doing was doing well, though her understanding with Two Armors was shallow but she know where to hit,

seeing her coming Jiao stopped her practice and welcomed her,

Jiao spectated her practice this last month and was sure that Jen was diamond under the procedure of polishing,

Jen warmly asked about her wounds and was pleased that most of injuries were filled only bigger scar was visible

which was bigger injury as compared to her other injuries, Jiao was pleased too, she also felt warmness of Jen toward her,

she never had a younger sister so she also felt the same way as Jen felt, this minute interaction bloomed

in never ending younger and elder sister relationship though they did not expressed it openly but both felt this way,

why not she would be pleased to have such a genius younger sister

and warmly welcomed her, Jen was thinking the same but with little difference from the first meeting at

Thousand Herb Mountain with Jiao Zi she felt the need to have elder sister like Jiao Zi, because her nature was different from others and reserved too,

why not she feel warm at presence of this elder sister of her, both started conversation,

"I wonder this sister was great at target practice last month along with deep understanding of Two Armors."

Jen also maintained her manners and replied,

"This was because my Advanced Class of Contemplation was too much helpful of understanding and that was only possible

in presence of excellent mentor that make me fortunate enough." Both spent a good time conversing and sometime laughing also

they talked over their understanding toward both Armors and shared some weak points and discussed the blocking pins during their conversation,

after some time Jiao reminded her that she wanted to visit Sword Hill Master Grounds to practice further her art,

Jen explained that this place was good one for her target practice and that she intended to stay for few months,

they bade goodbye to each other and Jen went back to her camp, prepared for next step in her target practice and then connected

with Hidden War Stage and her surrounding space got still and her understanding entered in next level…


They were sitting in the office of Dean, Dean and Deputy Dean was present along with their three Protectors and two Creaks, everyone was in light mood,

Third Protector spoke in a solemn voice, "I believe Yellow River would represent itself in Imperial Selection Competition in better way this time,

I have reckoned on different genius disciples, sure they have caliber to do and secure a considerable position this time,"

"This of course is good sign but there are few matters which could damage our position in the future,

if Whiz continued to snatch Contemplation Class Geniuses,

this school would send into ditch by our rivals,

they are already becoming stronger we might not be able to stand our heads high in the future, this matter is severely damaging our reputation too."


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