Beautiful Defender
27 Concerns Of Yellow River
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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27 Concerns Of Yellow River

Dean spoke with visible stern expressions on his face though tea was served him but he was not in the mood to have a sip from his cup,

closely be seated Deputy Dean Spoke with mild and calculated tone,

"We are not sure what kind of enmity Whiz have with Yellow River but I am sure that once Yellow River fall our

opponents would seek opportunity to destroy this Yellow River in dark or by simply opposing our existence in the League Of Schools,

though we have our respected Nine Protectors and Nine Creeks but still the threat is huge," she swallowed few sentences and went silent,

the atmosphere in the office room got dull,

they had investigated on Whiz matter before ;but they were unable to find base reason for this stealing also

it was strange how Whiz always find out the presence of genius, Yellow River bore its long history and mysterious incidents in the past,

only Nine Creeks could decode those mysteries if they

were ready to disclose but it was always difficult to pursue them for open talk and there were visible signs of agitation at the faces of Creeks,

Protectors were young and talented but they could only work under the guidance of Creeks now eyes were on Creeks,

this was not a simple matter that could be kept aside

it was the matter of existence of Yellow River, all were silent that door knocked with mild pats an attendant

rushed in and bowed to everyone then handed a letter to Dean and went back silently, only four words on paper made Dean stand on feet

and looked toward door with a surprise look,

"Oldest Creek is coming" with that an old man with long white beard and complete white robs entered in office room,

everyone stood up when they saw that two Creek bowed to him very respectfully and Dean then Deputy Dean And three Protectors followed suit,

Deputy Dean and tree Protectors never had opportunity before to meet the oldest Creek, Dean was reminded with the letter in his hands,

Dean presented him his high seat and himself sat close to third Protector Zhi Chang,

Deputy Dean was also thinking to vacant her seat but Oldest Creek pointed everyone to sit so she also sat beside Oldest Creeks,

she had heard few things about him so she dared not to move.

No one dared to speak first so there were few moments

of silence until Oldest Creek spoke, "I know everyone sitting in this room is loyal to Yellow River and good intention about the security and safety of Yellow River,

being Oldest Head of Yellow River I am also concerned gravely and now is the high time to find out the core reason for Whiz stealing,

though I encountered this Whiz once and was severely injured

in my attempt but I was alone then, with the help of loyal people we could win and save the face of Yellow River," he discontinued for a while.
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    《Beautiful Defender》