Beautiful Defender
28 Appearance Of Oldest Creeks
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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28 Appearance Of Oldest Creeks

He discontinued for a while all were thinking with different perspective. Why Creeks were unable to get rid from that Whiz?

Did that means that Whiz was more powerful than them?

If yes then how much? Also his objective was unclear or it was just to disgrace Yellow River in the eyes of other schools might be this was doing of one of their rivals?

There were questions without answers yet, Oldest Creeks spoke again,

"This is because we do not know where this Whiz Always hid himself we are unable to locate his mysterious hidden place,

why I called this mysterious is because he always hide very fast when we are prepared to lock him and

arrest by our combine efforts and intelligence, we could observe and calculate his sudden disappearance every time,

our Dean will help to arrange a team of genius disciples those are best in observation and deduction under

the protection of our Protectors and Creeks they would be allowed to access places ins and outs of Nine Mountains

because these are the places where every time this Whiz

disappeared suddenly during fight," Oldest Creeks was noble in appearance but a strong fellow rather old

his body was shielded against something that was unable to describe what was that, everyone had more respect toward him than before,

Dean was instructed further on selection of team members also discussed over Imperial Selection Competition,

all schools were prepared their best to come up in the eyes of Emperor in this competition, it would directly

affect their overall ranking among League Of Schools and secure their status but that was only depended on their genius disciples who would

be able to return from Endless Valley safe and in time otherwise it would be difficult to meet the goal,

Yellow River was facing two huge dangers one was the presence of Whiz and other was victory in Imperial Selection competition though everyone was hopeful but inside their hearts they were fearful about outcomes what could they do was to increase safety measures.

Yellow River School was in critical age of its existence and its survival was in danger,

there were times when Yellow River was at top position and its disciples were recognized by Emperor although they were prepared but they were hoping to be lucky

if their luck plated bad they might not be able to stand at feet on in future and if Yellow River got down every one who belong to Yellow River would meet dead end too,

Oldest Creeks rose up after finishing his instructions and nodded toward two Creeks to accompany him, they left office in hurry,

there were lots of orders for Dean to fulfill so he also hurried to make arrangements and passed few orders to tighten the security of Yellow River.

Geniuses whose results were outstanding were kept

under eye if they showed unease to the students of Yellow River it would create sense of insecurity so they were not informed but were under observation.

Dean silently prepared a team of Pure Imperial Class

Students for this observation and sensitive matter they were elders of their sections and were highly skilled in required consideration,

they were informed about their responsibilities and finally sent under two Protectors eye.
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    《Beautiful Defender》