Beautiful Defender
29 Jen Advancemen
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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29 Jen Advancemen

Two month had passed and Jen approached completely merging Hidden War Stage into Life Skill without disturbance of surrounding ans with focus she was able to control the power of this Layer and its application in actual war field, with increase state of her understanding with different layers she was getting more confident, she was also aware about changes in her nature too which was because of her understanding of nature of fury though she was able to force suppress Layers of Fury but it caused extreme presence of fury in her mind.

Any week moment she could burst forth with fury if she neglected it in her future, she was now fifteen years old and her accumulated strength was increasing by days she could not stand loose ends while she was engrossed in her understanding and practice all to gather, a group of seven students appeared in distance, a boy pointed toward Jen and spoke to his fellow, "That is the girl who is so arrogant and she dared oppress me", all seven were holding golden Quiver behind their backs, this was the same proud fella who disturbed Jen Before but he was so proud that he was unwilling to accept a fair defeat instead he considered Jen as arrogant girl, indeed he was afraid during his encounter with Jen because of her calm expressions during combat he felt insulted and now he was here to pay back that insult while Jen was completely immersed in her practice she did not notice presence of these fellas.

One of them without patience shot an arrow that escaped her neck because she felt air got stiffen within two hundred meter so she simple changed her position little, she turned to look around and spoke herself, "So this one is Dragon Star Academy proud fella," then her eyes moved to look other standing by his side and murmured, "They all belong to same academy she waited for another attack.

They could see that now she was aware of their presence, they also wanted to show themselves to her, so that they could enjoy fear on her face being surrounded by geniuses of Dragon Star Academy, it would be pleasing moments for them before they could actually drag her to defeat and she would beg them to spare her life, they would show mercy and spare her life and at the end so that she could tell others in the future about genius disciples of Dragon Star Academy and be afraid for rest of her life.

But after looking seven of them she was still calm and did not attack, with ah one of them felt irritation, "what was she thinking", proud fella shooted at other, "Start attack", two of them prepared and shooted two consecutive arrows, these arrows contain Rage Stage within its dominion, her Nobility Stage was enough to make these two arrows useless so she kept her calm appearance and shooted a single, in fact she don't need to shoot arrow to tackle these two arrows of Rage Stage but she was not willing to degrade them by her action.

Their two arrows soon turned useless and seemed unimportant in this attack, she bothered her body little sway to avoid arrows nothing else, "How did she?", one of them exclaimed while their leader who was sharp in his features and was filled with arrogance, spoke, "She is just a beginner nothing to worry, make another move."
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    《Beautiful Defender》