Beautiful Defender
30 Close Quarters
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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30 Close Quarters

They understood his intentions which was to use higher layer of fury,

which they learned last year, he also wanted to know the end of her leniency or what she had cultured in these years, it was necessary to know how much she could use her potential?,

or in other words how much she could endure?,

her calm appearance was like a hammer continuously striking against their chests.

Arrogance is like a poison which is sweet in taste but deathly in working, an arrogant person shorten his chances of improvement,

this time three arrows were shot with assistance of Inferno Layer, surrounding air got more tightened with powerful heat which was burning everything either it was atmosphere or soil,

she had prepared for higher attack from beginning if she simply absorbed heat with her powerful Peace Layer of Obsolete Stage they will continue to attack.

It was necessary to counter attack too because if they continue like this she could not practice anymore, already every time an attack was shot,

it took time to gradually absorb effects and aftereffects, this way months would be useless, she had no time to waste just on this. She prepared to tackle attack and move for counter attack at same time, this would save her time and that time was precious to her she posed Obsolete Stage for defense without any shot attack though it was risk.

Then she gave more energy to her Hidden War Stage, this would also let her know that how much she grasped this Stage in previous months?

Her three arrows were calm in appearance just like her, three arrows were shot at one go.

That sharp appearance fella had doubts before about her power but when he looked at this first attack,

he curved his lips with smile because they were harmless without any threat just like a baby who play with ball and sometime struck against ground fiercely but that hit is unable to harm that hard ground,

moreover she choose not to dodge their attack first instead she countered attack what was meaning behind this?

Was she started to underestimate their combine power?

this infuriated leader of group but still he choose to wait until further development.

Their arrows entered in her dominion territory and slowly got swallowed that was shock for onlookers, where went their arrows?

They were unable to get answer of their question, while her counter attack approached their dominion,

their dominion was protected with their Fury while she applied Hidden War Stage in her counter attack which was apparently harmless.

It made its own pathway within their dominions and soon they felt that they were cheated, this they were unable to understand because they were taking her just another prey of their arrogance.

When three arrows burned their close quarters along with their robs then they awoke from deep daze, their accumulated efforts made three of them from death but arrows had done enough damage that they were impotent to stand and preserve within six months and this was only extrapolation.


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