Beautiful Defender
31 Ambush
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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31 Ambush

One must remember, after all they were only learners, in between when Jen started both defense and attack,

sharp appearance fella prepared himself for attack but when he saw that their three arrows were hopeless to the point that they disappeared completely, he thought about sneak attack he also could see her calm appearance that was additional fuel to his rage,

first time she felt lethargy, defense and attack at once were reason for her fatigue she was trying to maintain her pace and her power of attack in mean time that sharp appearance fella aimed at her heart and shot an arrow.

Her defense was resilient but when her attention was divided, it was indeed weaker that profited sneak attack. When she felt she was already very close to it, she used up all remaining power and was able to dodge a little in presence of such potent dominion of sneak attack.

Sharp appearance fella knew that it was impossible for them to teach her lesson but still he tried to balance his arrogance and so called self-respect by hitting her to death.

They were sure that this girl would be a tough opponent in Imperial selection competition and they were afraid as well.

Their Dragon Star Academy was preparing this time to appear new top school of Life Skill and earn most of positions,

in presence of such disciples like her, it would be impossible to achieve any good results. In order to inform their seniors they manage to flee though exhausted.

Sneak arrow hit her left shoulder with remaining Inferno, tearing her plastron, she was unable to bear anymore,

she fell at slop slipping downward, her black smooth hair were got wet with sweat while dried up leaved were railing with her downward journey, she was little conscious.

Before she went unconscious she stopped from rolling, her surrounding was old untouched place, dried up leaves were everywhere but where were trees it was unknown, beyond was edge and then slop.

Slowly she closed her eyes because she could not stand more pain or she went unconscious. It was much lower side of endless valley where chances of practicing students were rare.


Heaven Thunder Mountain School was among top three Life Skill Schools of Zhuang State which was one from seven states of Zhang Ming Dynasty,

other six were Zhangue State, Great Ming State, Xue Ming State, Zing State, Dang Ming State, Miang State.

Great Ming State was where first Ming Emperor set up the foundation of big power and years it became over crowded,

successors decided to change the capital of Dynasty and they choose most peaceful Zhuang State abundant in beautiful scenery.

Zhangue State was famous for its weapons production and weapons prepared in Zhangue State happened to be best among best, even Emperor would visit Zhangue State whenever he needed mass production of weapons.

Oldest and famous class of iron smiting skills prepared to stay Zhangue State because raw material was easy abundance here. Xue Ming State was little because of previous battle with neighbor Empire.


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