Beautiful Defender
32 Zhang Ming Empire
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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32 Zhang Ming Empire

Miang State was where true geniuses were born and bred, with arduous training, most of the top ranking geniuses of Emperor Army were from Miang State.

It was rare if Zhuang State School could state in front of Miang Sate School in first attempt because Miang State School's disciples were tempered with endless stamina and willpower.

It was not easy to face them for long, often heroes of every war were considered Miang State School disciples' what more than a hero.

Emperor Army was filled with Miang State geniuses leaving little space for other states and their disciples.

Dang Ming State was always at war premises because its boundaries touches worst enemy of Zhang Ming Dynasty, Xing Mu Dynasty.

Most of border areas were covered with military camps and military training barracks. The enmity was started first sixteen years ago when Zhang Ming Dynasty provided defense for rebels of Xing Mu Dynasty, why Zhang Ming Dynasty go against was because among rebels was famous expert of Xing Mu Dynasty and that expert was forced to end up close borders of Zhang Ming Dynasty surrounded with enemies.

The General of the Zhang Ming Dynasty owed to this expert life saving grace and to pay this debt he welcomed left over rebels along with little daughter of that expert.

Emperor also agreed with general's request to let them live in Zhang Ming Dynasty, this favor brought never ending resentment between two Empires and their Emperors.

Xhinge State was prosperous in resources and fertile land, huge amount of revenue was collected every year from this state.

Zhang Ming Dynasty was promising and flourishing state and its opponents kept distance and avoid any battle because everyone knew Zhang Ming Dynasty had always Defenders those surpass the Two Armors of Spirituality and practice deadly Life Skills.

It was matter of willingness if Emperor wanted to destroy his opponents, other Empires were afraid of being involved any displeasure against Emperor.

Though other Empires were afraid of Zhang Ming Empire but if they wanted to take revenge or clear grudge and grievance they would collaborate with other small Empires. Up till now only Xing Mu Empire had guts to mess with Zhang Ming, which was handled in those previous years but grievance was still at top.

It was possible for Xing Mu Empire that with negotiation and dogmatic means would gather other small Empires to advantage in obliteration of Zhang Ming Dynasty.

Xing Mu Dynasty had been fostering its Extreme Level Experts from last decades and if compared both Empires had experts of extreme stage but they were lacking Supreme Level Expert. The difference between Supreme and Extreme was the difference of Heaven and Earth.

Before ultimate power was fashioned they were unwilling to try their hands at each other.

Other Empires were waiting for that moment to harvest their own advantages and fresh some old debts. But the stability of these two powers was also in pro to them because one's a fire is lit in jungle it could not be stopped by man will every effort would prove a fuel to fire.


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