Beautiful Defender
33 Deeper region of Endless Valley
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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33 Deeper region of Endless Valley

"Price went deeper regions of Endless Valley", reports were sent to Dean of Heaven Thunder Mountain School, there was no doubt about his survival but the presence of number of schools and their genius cannot be neglected, though prince was shining star of Heaven Thunder Mountain but there were reports that few schools and their arrogant fella's were headache for other disciples and there were few encounters reported too.

Before Imperial Selection Competition everything was uncertain, being Heir of Crown, Prince was prepared mostly, as for his training of Life Skills he was aware of himself and his capability. He displayed his favorite move with his sword, bright light emerged that make surrounding bright, it was not combat move presently but to keep himself warm he practiced in this chilling evening. He scanned in brightness his surrounding to make sure that no one was around for any threat in this brightness.

He merely saw beyond vision but he felt that there was six feet stem of some unknown wood surrounding it many dried up leaves but last day it was not here, though he visited this side after two days.

In this deeper region there were little encounters with woods, this place only host small fruit veins which was also few and far between so how a stem end up here like this, he got more cautious. He walked toward direction keeping his guard on, he more briefly scanned surrounding around stem and approached more close to it, impossible, it was not a stem at all.

She was girl and possibly wounded, he kept his sword light prepared for any attack then sit in semi-recumbent poster to examine, removed dried up leaves from her body, and it was unknown which school she belonged so that he could report them back about her condition.

Because of the heat that was released from sword her body soaked in and there was a sign of life in her body, prince also noted it.

He lifted her in his arms, his sword was still on guard they moved deeper in and soon he reached in his camp, he placed her on temporary made sleeping cloth covered soil bed, he covered the camp entrance with cloth too so that camp inside would be more comfort for her.

He removed torn plastron from her shoulder and saw that there was broken piece of arrow which he removed with the help of dagger.

Arrow was simple but there was something unpredictable about it, he washed wound with his drinking water.

There were few leaves to heal if he ever got injured so he mashed them to make paste from them, he applied that paste over her wound and carefully covered with cloth and fastened it with strip around.

Now he removed every single dried up leaf from her hair and cleaned them with remaining water, used up his most of energy to warm camp with his Inferno Stage to stabilize atmosphere and this stable atmosphere would help her to heal fast.

In morning he would go to fetch more water from nearest stream to clean her body, then he picked a corner of his camp and started contemplation as usual.


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