Beautiful Defender
34 Her Unconscious State
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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34 Her Unconscious State

His neatly combed and tied hair were looking silky black in the bright light, his fighter robs were of finest cloth which were evident of his high status, never ending smile was there on his lips, eighteen's years old young heir of crown, his well-built body and broad shoulders were evident of his hard training, long neck, face bones were not much filled and not empty sharp but appealing features fair skin.

One would lost if one happened to caught eyes specially one who directly contact without self-guard, lively eyes.

He started his contemplation thinking that there was always space for improvement. Night slipped gradually and finally outside was little bright now.

He prepared leather flask, shut the tent cloth and went toward fresh water stream, came back and prepared to clean her,

it took him much time because he was afraid about her wound though she was unconscious still he was much careful, cleaned her arms and legs and left rest of body untouched and covered with her cloth, dusted a little and came out from camp.

This was first time that he encountered a girl closely, he was up brought in a fully clad atmosphere because Emperor would not allow his only son to be evil in any way, it would reduce the chances of being next Emperor because of two reasons,

first it would affect the grandeur of Empire in future and second he himself was a man of principles, why would he allow his only son to be wicked and contaminated son of Emperor.

His principles were known to other Empires too, and his upright personality was why others were afraid of.

His son should of supreme existence without any backer and his father's hand to help him stand every time he fall, no prince himself should stand whenever he falls.

Every day he would clean up her and would apply fresh paste over her wound though he was not herbal doctor or practitioner but he could tell her energy level was its lower level,

if this was the case and her energy level was collapsed its minimal level she might not be able to regain her consciousness until she used oral means to gain strength.

First step was to bring her consciousness and then she herself would be able to consume energy producing herbs and herbal fruits.

Though her gathered few leaves around stream but the problem was how to downpour in her mouth, in her unconscious state.

He prepared liquid herbs extract lifted her up and supported with left arm, it was difficult to open her mouth and pour medicine with single hand.

He supported her head on his thigh opened her mouth with left and then poured herbal extract into her mouth, lifted her head little high and checked whether it went down he moved her jaw with hand. It took time but finally a short amount of liquid went down.

He quit for the day and next day did same to pour down a short amount of herbal extract, and on the third day when poured little and was about to check close to her mouth.

Her eyelid despite of low energy trembled and her pink lips quivered.
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    《Beautiful Defender》