Beautiful Defender
35 Goodbye Note
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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35 Goodbye Note

His efforts were fruitful at last she was gaining her consciousness, he slowly smoothed down her body then went to bring water to dress up her wound this last.

She was conscious, there was no sliver of force left in her that was reason that she was looking unconscious apparently.

After realizing that she lacked force she went in contemplation and choose to stay in Zero Stage of Fury because Motionless War Stage was horrible place to contemplate.

She could sense her surrounding but there was zero resistance because of depleted force though it was only leaves liquid but its effects were strengthening and because of three days effort she was able to show that she was gaining strength, whoever was this brother his saving generosity was beyond limit.

She was prepared at first that if she sensed any threat she would envelope three hundred meter of her surrounding with her Motionless War Stage and would gulp in every corner within three hundred meter in the lava of Motionless War Stage with her remaining power before poisoned arrow could expand its radius toward her Two Armors of Spirituality but there was someone of this decorum.

He was relaxed now.

She could sense her bare shoulders and then he came, removed previous strips, shroud and ointment and cleaned with fresh stream water, prepared freshly squeezed leaves ointment and applied on her shoulder down wound, again covered and fastened with strips.

Every time he fastened strips he had to bring her close and today she breathed and inhaled deep breath and he was sure that she would be conscious at least next day.

Thinking this prince provided good amount of supply of food in camp during day and then wrote goodbye note,

"Fellow sister I was staying here for previous five months and was struck rude and repulsive conduct of contemplation of few layers in my fourth level insights.

I was on sheer round last month around my selected contemplation and training expanse that I found you wounded. It took whole month and you are recovered now. There is enough supply of food until you completely recovered, and please don't think about my saving generosity because I gained not lost. I was able to cross this difficult forth level of insights of layers and now I am intending to practice on higher level grounds. I don't know how this I achieved in just this month but I am thankful to you. I am sure you must be a genius of some big school. I wish to see you in upcoming Imperial Selection competition."

After finishing up with this he moved outside camp.

He wanted to practice fourth level of layer insights on higher level of sword grounds of Endless Valley.

If he stayed here and she would awake then he would feel awkward to receive her thanks and her words to pay back that saving grace in future,

he did nothing but little and in reward he was one step higher in understanding, what remained saving debt, of course nothing.

Moreover only six month were remained in coming Imperial Selection Competition and he needed fifth level practice.


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