Beautiful Defender
36 Rumors in Yellow River
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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36 Rumors in Yellow River

When one was able to get insights in complete layers of Two Armors of Peace and Fury then one would went through understanding and claim the rights on these layers.

That would be a best time for many students and they might stop next development by fate or by their will but few would choose to carry on this journey and would enter in insights of five levels of understanding.

This would help them to soar up their power and capabilities.

These five levels were not the end of learning in fact once one was able to approach fifth level and grasp over it completely, there was sudden change in direction of understanding and insights along with power and capability, only those who were able to cross these five levels were able to join first rank in the Army of Emperor, joining army of Emperor was dream of every students of Life Skills Schools.


Rumors in Yellow River:

Many Advanced Imperial Class and Pure Imperial Class students were also part of training in Endless Valley and were formed in small groups indeed for practice inside Endless Valley and they were all aware of the three students of Yellow River School who were willing to explore Endless Valley separately without forming any group with other high grade students, one was Jen Ming, second was Chao Yin and third was Su Qi.

Only Heaven know why they decided to enter Endless Valley without forming group with higher grade students or they were over confident.

Their records were found and the name of Jen Ming was in circulation because her mentor had seen her extraordinary practice sessions and her and temper too.

Three of them were apparently ignorant about the dangers of Endless valley then why they choose to go alone.

Jen was a genius and this was acclaimed by her previous mentor while Su Qi was determined to make her own name and strength among Yellow River. She was fed up being bullied, being called poor and unfit to grand Yellow River learning.

She wanted to demonstrate that her existence was not meaningless. Chao Yin was also a genius with a strong background.

He had resources to protect himself along with his Life Skills, also he was doing well in Endless Valley.

There was no news about Su Qi up till now.

Rumors were related to Jen Ming that she faced opponent school disciples few times and they had fight but after particular incident, Jen Ming went missing.

There was no news about her survival.

Students of Yellow River were chatting about these rumors. After Pure Imperial Class ended one disciple asked to the other, "Did you hear how her last combat was? Both were heading toward open arena, in their tight fitting fighter suits, the other one answered, "I have heard that she fought with seven arrogant fellas of Dragon Star Academy,"

First one widened her eyes and asked, "What, seven fellas how is it possible? Those shameless Dragon Star Academy losers, what happened then?" second one spoke, "there are rumors that Advanced Contemplation Class students of Yellow River fought and defeated them all alone but as she was close to clean sweep them, one of them used cheap trick to sneak attack and then ran from there with seriously injured bodies."

First girl put her hand on her mouth and asked, "Then what happened to genius Jen Ming?" the other girl was angry and there were traces of fury as if she found those fellas she would digest them directly and answered, "Because of sneak attack no one know what happened to Jen Ming, she is still missing."

She was little disappointed now.

Both went toward open arena for practice, both girls were determined to take revenge for the sake of their genius junior fellow.

"If this continued Yellow River School would lost it glory, already there is threat of Whiz who steel our small geniuses and who able to survive up till, now our geniuses are surrounded by our opponents in Endless Valley, is anything worse than this?"

A mentor who was dejected by expressions spoke to himself, sitting at the lively and full of birds bank of Yellow River.


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