Beautiful Defender
37 Wake up Jen Ming
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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37 Wake up Jen Ming

She blinked her eyes on next day and forced moved her body a little, after long pause of time she was able to sit on her own faintly, she scanned the camp slowly, it was safe.

She then looked to herself, she was neatly half dressed and her long hair were combed despite being unconscious for an unknown amount of time.

There were all kind of fruits piled up at next to her side and next to these was a leather folded piece. This leather letter was written to her by the person who shifted her in this camp.

She read it twice.

One month she was under care of an unknown person, she was sure now that he must be a son of some esteemed family. She thought nothing but to praise the efforts by an unknown fellow student. She was all the time in her contemplation previous month and moreover it was Zero Stage of Fury, being wounded by a deathly arrow, this double knife had extracted all her strength.

Though she was sure that if she continued her contemplation without any external aid she would be able to regain her strength as well as might be able completely expel out every sliver of poison from her body within three months.

But still she was grateful toward unknown fellow and to add to this he manage to pile up much food which shows how much generous he would be.

The fact that disciples of many schools were sent into Endless Valley because of intentions were to make them fight with survival circumstances as well as with continues threat of starvation. This would be proved as polishing agent to a fine mettle to shine with glamour.

This one month period of contemplation was priceless for her.

She was able to see through her weaknesses and find best means to revamp them. Her Zero Stage was like a treasure this time that means her every visit to this stage would provide her a new life energy source.

Thinking this she slightly nodded her head.

She was feeling extremely hungry because of one month contemplation, her wound was doing well. From this day she promised herself to never lose again.

She would not let any tiny moment to weak herself. She adjusted herself and started eating greedily without covering her half exposed body.

She needed energy to stand and walk first then anything else. After eating her full, she practiced slow movements of martial arts.

She collected soil bed cover cloth and wrapped around her body in a manner that it could not slow down her movements.

She walked around camp this place clearly remote and was located in deep region of Endless Valley, only full bright sky was able point that outside was day because of thickly populated with never ending veins of different plants.

She consumed all food and water within three days and now she was back to her prime look of almost sixteen years old with very well nourished body.

Innocence of her face was basically deep rooted in her heart which stayed at her face forever. Her belongings few arrow, small quiver and waist pouch were kept in a corner of camp. She knew that there must be a source of water where she could bath before her training.

After walking two hours to north of Endless Valley by just at her instinct she found fresh water stream emerging nowhere.

She walked close to it found comparably hidden bank of stream and bathed after a long time. She was feeling relaxed.

She spent much time in stream water then dressed up her previous clothes. This was the beginning of determination, never to lose again.

Without lose we cannot tell how it feels to win.


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