Beautiful Defender
38 Drawbacks
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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38 Drawbacks

She made it back to camp, set up herself for a day rest and next day prepared to test her present level of understanding along with her life skill.

She thought about drawbacks because of her previous suffering so she also prepared mentally to accept whatever it was.

She was completely familiar with Hidden War Stage, its superior points and inferior pinpoints, its aptitude and its inadequacies as well, Motionless War Stage was beyond her present caliber that was not because she was disappointed about her present level but she don't want to overestimate herself, moreover the dangers related to this layer were heavy than advantages in her previous attempts and she was unwilling to take risk there were only four months left in next year Imperial Selection Competition, she could choose to explore that stage after competition.

What about Armor of Fury if she wanted to compete and combat head on with other disciples, she had to qualify intense layers of Conflagration, Inferno and Absolute Stages.

Each layer had its uses and defenses, it would add to her privileges in any combat with any low or high level disciple.

Her last visit to Conflagration Stage was a shock to her senses because of the destructive nature of this stage and she barely manage to suppress it with a shield of another stage which was Obsolete Stage. If she wished to touch that again she had to raise barriers before doing anything to it. This layer possesses strong and visible nature of destruction.

With her present experience she could expand that destruction in time of trouble and could make through but the problem was still same, she had to jump in that destruction and become a live part of that destruction means that she had to do that destruction willingly without any hesitation, with her will it would expand as much as her will could expand, the destruction of this layer would expand itself too.

Changes in her nature were must do either it would be a useless effort.

Every learner would go through such inevitable choices in the path of learning, it does not matter what kind of learning one was making through.

Though many things were inescapable but choice we made count much. Every personality develops few rules and laws to itself which would improve and secure its better position in the future, these are called self-restraints.

Self-restraint does not enterprise direction what it secure few unique key-points of a personality. Jen had her own rules and nature which were enough to polish her and now it was time to create some laws too, that she could establish a pure form of her personality in the future, a pure personality does not destroy, it builds.

She set up three hundreds meter target which could use 4s to reach approx. of 1000ft of three hundred meter but because of present haggard condition of bow, it was now at 7 to 9s to reach three hundred meter or approx. 1000ft which was a drawback.

There was nothing serious she needed to change her crossbow only.

Whatever she needed to make move, it was impossible to get a new crossbow right now. She carried on after two months she again visited stream, this stream was unique in every way, it was fairly bright day she could see through the waterbed of stream.

Crystal clear water of stream was peacefully flowing, she bathed about an hour just before she thought to walk up, something shining underwater mixed with crystal shine of water that dazzled in one of her eye and she winked with stupor, she sank in to reach stream bed.


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