Beautiful Defender
39 Back To Yellow River
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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39 Back To Yellow River

She reached in no time, it was shining disjoint crossbow, three pieces of bow were scattered randomly. She picked it up and swam back at surface.

It was golden almond crystal bow, she returned back to camp.

She felt strange familiarity with this golden almond crystal bow, all three parts were adjusted, crossbow was now 3.5ft convenient for her, her previous crossbow was somewhat traditional type weapon, this unique crossbow was appealing to Jen Ming.

But she could practice only one month before heading back to exit of Endless Valley because of upcoming Imperial Selection Competition.

She wanted to participate in this competition because of one-on-one combat availability, she was eager to establish her Two Armors of Spirituality in practical sense because of previous combat with Dragon Stare Academy disciples she needed to practice broadly either way it would be useless to spend all efforts and years without practical knowledge and indeed the sole purpose of this competition was to provide new blood with opportunity.

But she had no time to practice she had to reach exit of Endless Valley in order to report back at Yellow River and in time and find out whether she was qualified to enter in Imperial Selection Competition.

She packed her luggage and prepared to leave this deep region by following a rough map of Endless Valley.


Dark Moon School

Elder Protector was standing on the premises of Dark Moon School with the Dean. Dean was middle-age sharp temper Okla Fie anxiously waiting for the first report to arrive, though he was anxious seemingly but he was planning something after the first reports were encouraging. Soon three horse men appear in their visions.

Protector who was entrusted the responsibility to bring back successful disciples of Dark Moon School from Endless Valley sent first report.

Elder Protector Fie Ting received folded scroll and handed to Dean. Dean instantaneously opened folded scroll and read.

With the reading folded scroll his blushed in gratification, Protector Fie Ting could see this satisfaction and he spoke, "Now I can see that our Dean is happy a little, is that?" Dean snickered and spoke,

"This is the beginning to break the spell of Yellow River and teach them lesson," Protector laughed and said, "Does our capable Dean have something in his mind? Inundated by the present buoyancy Dean Chuckled, "Sure, I have something in my mind, I have heard that Yellow River is in crisis because of two reasons, in fact both reasons are related to each other, first one is that they currently lacking higher achievers of Contemplation and two Armors of Spirituality and second is a mysterious thief who is called in terms of Yellow River, well I don't know the reason of enmity of Whiz with Yellow River but this would help Dark Moon School two ways.

We can equal the scores between Yellow River and us for our previous grudges and second is to remove Yellow River from Leagues of Schools. They dared to degrade once now it's our turn." Dean smiled a scheming smile, Protector also smiled in anticipation and in front of them was vast territory of Dark Moon School and they were walking bragging in and stepped on chariots.

She left deeper region in ten days and all disciples of different schools were heading back to their Student Assortment Camps and indeed these days were lively because of potential disciples back from Endless Valley with certainty and uncertainty.

There were different discussions of different topics related to Endless Valley and who manage to report back before ending the second last month were telling their experiences and adventurous stories to others and the listeners were envious of their adventures.


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