Beautiful Defender
40 Back To Yellow River 2
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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40 Back To Yellow River 2

Only few were able to collect any treasure left by random expert.

Many events were reported to their respected school about regarding incidents of dual battle or rare group bouts damages were collected too and this would continue till the end of next month.

It would take time to prepare for next competition but there was naught. Everyone was in hurry. Students of Dark Moon School were also heading back, they were carrying their weapons too, it was a group of fifteen disciples from their appearance and straight walk it was palpable that they practiced and gained much in this Valley but they were talking on a single topic.

None of them was able to get any treasure weapon from this stopover, this they were disappointed about and they were sure that they would never be allotted another stay in Endless Valley because of the number of fresh qualifiers so they were dispirited a little though they were at the peak of Fourth Level Insights along with crammed Life Skills and latest combat tactics.

They were visibly self-reliant too. They were with swords spears and axes only two a boy and a girl was holding quiver at their back and bow across shoulders that means they were also archeries novices.

They were grown up future stars of Dark Moon School approaching Pure Imperial standard Classes and within twenty or twenty two years old, well-practiced and groomed, future of Dark Moon School.

Many years were spent to prepare such disciples in any Life Skills Schools to make their mentors proud. Because every student was heading toward different exits so no one cared around other school disciples, Jen was also heading according to rough estimates of map.

She could see how many students were sent in Endless Valley by different schools. She was not carelessly roaming any more but at her own wits.

Her golden almond crossbow was shining brilliantly in a bright day, many students who witnessed carrying that treasure crossbow were envious and wanted to snatch that crossbow not because of their need or learning but it could be gifted to school or a person to get benefit but looking at the appearance and calm demeanor they were unwilling to cause threat themselves.

She was sixteen now beautiful and tall and her features were as appealing and enchanting that one should guard from such features being young man not to fall in love in first stare but her apparent calm nature was threat for any random flies. Many like to avoid this threat.

She was keeping her pace thus.

Her cloth were looking just colorless bed-sheet because her cloth were torn in previous combat and ultimate injury so she used that bed-sheet of camp to secure a rob dress for her, ordinary clothing.

"Look Yong at that girl, can you see her?" one of the fella spoke to his fellow, there was considerable distance between fifteen disciples of Dark Moon School and Jen Ming. It was because golden almond crystal crossbow was emitting dazzling shine which was impossible to ignore for others.


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