Beautiful Defender
41 Back To Yellow River 3
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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41 Back To Yellow River 3

On the other hand Jen was not unaware and was keeping her guard high, "oh, I think, she is carrying crossbow treasure," a carefree looking beside on pointing looked at direction and chuckled. Meanwhile all noticed the word, 'treasure' and looked at the direction where the girl was supposed. Their mouths left agape when they saw golden almond crossbow at the back of girl.

Greed appeared in their eyes and looked at each other, they were thinking same in equal terms this thing.

Because of advanced sense and especially she was bestowed from her childhood a keen intent to sense the danger and her present Fifth Level of Insights in Contemplation she was sensitive to discern enmity and hidden danger.

"She is just sluggish pet," looking at Jen one of the fella holding sword sneered and positioned immediately, he was crafted in sword skills and after his other companions also took position, all exuded their attack layers showcased with exaggerated manner.

"There is no need for all of us to take her small life," they just need that crossbow so thinking this one of the serious tone and somewhat in higher position among them spoke, "Only four of us who are interest to play this step up," immediately a girl and three boys came front though others were eager too but Jhong only asked four that means only four.

They don't wanted to offend the strongest Jhong among them also they had no enmity against him so it was convenient not to create one.

"Rest stay behind and watch the show," he ordered others with a snicker.

She was really lazy to react even after she could concise what was going around, yes she don't want to make first move because she was close to exit of Endless Valley might be some hundred meters. It was already a bold act by Dark Moon School disciples to act against her at such point whatever was the reason let them come, she thought to herself.

She knew what they coveted for. She was ready now.

Four were with spear, axe, sword and arrow, they were intending to use four different weapons to test their present competence.

First one spear by initiated his Dominion of Fury Fourth Layer and connected with his weapon and skill then thrust toward Jen Ming aiming at her forehead.

The distance between Jen and Dark Moon School disciples was less than hundred meters. He was sure and confident that it would hung and roast little chicken Jen Ming.

Because Fourth Layer of Fury could expand its fury two fold compared to Rage Layer he was dead sure it would burn if that little chicken could produce any dominion against his spear weapon, giving time to weapon to clean the dust like girl, she was not even qualify to yield a stare at the crossbow treasure she was holding behind her back, what more to use it.

Though it was happening because of the thing which was at her back but she really don't want fight first. But for the reason that she was forced to do it then do it, she thought to herself.


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