Beautiful Defender
42 Back To Yellow River 4
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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42 Back To Yellow River 4

She was not in hurry either. She initiated her Nobility Stage and expanded it around her then toward the direction where her supposed opponents were clouded against her.

Spear traveled and left the first dominion of owner and then entered the dominion of opponent and acted as it was ordered, with opening fury it was able to pierce through the first extension then second but at the third, it seemed it was tired with over work and slowed down then too much slow, Jen did not move to dodge instead she stood at her feet calmly opened her palm in front of her head and received the spear which was suspended in the air in front her.

They were looking though not impressed but looking at spear boy with disgust, his own derisive look added on to it.

His next, axe boy chortled and then prepared to attack with grimaced face.

His Inferno Layer was famous because of his inner nature of fury, within few seconds their surrounding air started boiling with heat,

they could guess roughly his standing point now then he etched his axe with his signature, axe flood toward Jen, Jen was very familiar with Inferno Fury, she immediate re-coated her dominion with Obsolete Stage Layer now she was really bent on to disgrace them, her Obsolete Stage was a markup.

Axe was burning with fire if anything crossed its way would turn into ash immediately.

Jhong strongest among them curled his lips into smile, how would she tackle a burning fire he was unable to sense the difference, her Obsolete Stage was protecting her now, these experiences taught her to make choices according to attack type.

Axe crossed first dominion and as soon as entered in opponent dominion, it went missing. Hah! They looked foolishly in front of them, where the hell was axe gone, they were impotent to see burning axe anymore, this was called Jen Ming Third Level Insights; Obsolete Layer of Peace.

She was as serene as before, dumbfounded they were unable to react for a minute.

Feeling this commotion passersby disciples, also started together beyond battle casual ground only who could stand out the repercussions of this commotion were standing in daze.

Axe was still there but because Jen Ming was able to explore Obsolete Stage in her early contemplation days and after she crossed Five Levels of Insights, one could only imagine its resilience and effectiveness,

it was more than what it looks only these beginners were powerless to feel the presence of this axe, standing beyond a disciple of Myriad Life Skills School uttered incomplete complete tranquility, he was impressed by the girl with treasure bow,

his unguarded sassy eyebrows with flash like eyes were prominent feature of his appearance. Inside her dominion she was little busy with axe and its Inferno, as soon as it cooled down, she threw it at her back just like a waste trash.

Axe boy was fully exhausted after he released this attack. Everybody could her actions and this was to really disgrace those Dark Moon School fellas.


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