Beautiful Defender
43 Back To Yellow River 5
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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43 Back To Yellow River 5

Third infuriated without any warning slashed many sword lined and displayed his best and famous move 'Transcended Helos' with alive fires of Absolute Stage, he was second strongest among fifteen fellow disciples and this move was his ultimate move which he learned during his stay in Endless Valley, his fellows gasped cold breath while indeed they were burning with Absolute Heat of Absolute Fury Stage.

Tensed atmosphere got more tensed because many of them were aware about recently executed move and many were known about the nature of Absolute Stage.

Jen Ming on the other hand, she observed their next move and prepared to transfer Zero Stage by invigorating its nature though its first experiment but this Stage was inevitably got attached with Jen Ming because she stayed here in Zero Stage of Fury in her catastrophe back at deeper region of Endless Valley it could be said that this Stage was able to accommodate with the emotions and feelings of Jen Ming.

That means Zero Stage was able to sense the needs and present condition and would act to completely save her in any way or in any condition, whatever even to destroy the opponents with their so called dominions.

Presently Jen Ming was holding the charge and expending insights after insights ensuing protective layers and all this was not apparent, it was hidden from any naked eye even Contemplation bright students were incapable to discern what was happening.

She reached to this exorbitant level security provided by Zero Stage she was also amazed at the efficiency of this layer that make her smile and this smile fazed her opponents and touched the mediators.

Mediators shouted out loud with their lungs, "Cool", of course she could not hear but this fuel to fire more her antagonists "this simple and ordinary sartorial girl was indeed extra ordinary", everyone was thinking same, while disciples of Dark Moon School were in mess, there was no chance for sneak attack. Jhong was also waiting for the outcome because sword boy was second strongest among them while he himself was not that mighty other than minor difference.

The excessive use of overpowered Absolute Stage was spreading its heat and its outcome was looked as if surrounding and within fifteen disciples of Dark Moon School, their faces were turned red and now were pale green only the owner of layer was mildly affected with exaggerated heat because of the fact that Layers protect their owner first and then follow the instructions of its owner and then spread its intent.

Many mediators who were previously little close started to retreat far away, heat was enveloping every targeted area of battle selected by owner,

if initial was overwhelming then what would be repercussions, so they were wise enough, their eyes were fixed at Jen Ming thinking, "Where this genius came from?." Both dominions were extending their occupied territory, compared to Jen Ming sword boy was much flustered and anxious, hullabaloo and without any concord, worried to maintain his pace and there Jen Ming was composed, unruffled and peaceful as everything was natural to her.


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