Beautiful Defender
44 Back To Yellow River 6
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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44 Back To Yellow River 6

Both dominions clashed, his sword move was visibly domineering and clustered with, sounds of fierce fury sword could be heard deafening bystanders.

Transcended Helos' was move in which one sword split into nearly thousand swords with equal fire power, no matter how much strong was the dominion of opponents its assignment was to attack from every side and remaining weak holes in opponent dominion butchering the rival with remaining slashes of blind sword.

So this was purpose.

Gone the day in which Jen was careless now she was vigilant enough to deal with arrogant and ignorant learners of life skills, to teach a lesson is another thing.

With the movement of her fingers of left hand she administered her safety circles and extensions and the top last extension designed into a transparent dragon of air, it was huge bigger than dominion of rivals, sigh, though it was the end of her propensity so she was going to make it bigger enough not only shocked but don't want to leave any space for another contending attack, when you wanted to do something then do it big, why hesitation.

This Zero Stage welcomed blind sword slashes and it was big bang when both met each other. Which created a force that swept away carelessly stood bystanders and for many moment their ears were unable to listen anything other than 'hmmm' sound.

Golden almond crossbow really established and proved itself, Jen also felt that this crossbow was really treasure weapon falsifying its ostensible mild and tender looks.

She would not allow anything to be stolen which belonged to her.

Transparent dragon started to devour 'Transcended Helos' Thousand Sword Move. Its gulping sound was like a battle commotion, onlooker would remember this scene rest of their lives and forget to cross the way of this girl in future, in fact should avoid.

A single complete move was enough to diminish the energy in a person especially when it was connected with Contemplation, Active Battle Contemplation sucks energy rapidly, and moreover they were using Rare Contemplation Layers of both armors.

How could that girl singlehandedly faced this third attack and it seemed that her energy was still fresh and brimming while her rivals were exhausted with their single moves. Fifteen disciples were looking miserable.

Using Armors of Peace and fury was rare because of two explanations, one that a disciple of Contemplation was considered rare genius especially who were able to cross complete layers with Five Insights, those were treasure for Zhang Ming Empire and were assigned in critical conditions so display of Contemplation Armors in public was banned.

Second reason was that if a student used its energy with high consumption though it was beneficial that a single Contemplation student could hold thousands of enemies singlehandedly but after consumption of energy student would not remain as powerful but it take some time to rest and regain its dwindling strength and reengage in battle after a timely rest and in these critical moments student would be under protection of fellow fighters.


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