Beautiful Defender
45 Back To Yellow River 7
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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45 Back To Yellow River 7

But this girl was exceptional because attack need a required energy and movement while defense need unknown amount of force which could provide complete defense and protection.

Pure Imperial Class Students could elaborate this phenomena better way, this was sole reason why student would choose best among best life skills for themselves and practice wholeheartedly.

With howling and roaring sound of air gulping was hitting dominion no matter how powerful was this move but this move was in front of Extreme Peace Stage and especially tempered by its owner.

Initially, slashes of sword surrounded air dragon of Zero Stage and struggled to cross hundreds of extension made by Zero Stage. Jen administered it very well.

Because of continuous freezing attacks of Zero Stage, many slashes lost its initial vigor.

This continued until an hour, at the verge of its ending points slashes lost most of their effectiveness. This was time to gear up a little, more life energy burst apparently cool Zero Stage showed up it face.

Only after a shock they felt a burning sensation in their surroundings, double edge Zero Stage played very well. When they felt it, it was already late, robs and practice outfit were charred and burnt black only when their skin started burning then they came back from daze. They were unable to retreat back because it was not in their hands, they were surrounded within Zero Stage of Jen Ming.


There were gossips all around who witnessed this incident reported back to their respected institutes because she had lost her identity token in her previous conflict with Dragon Star Academy, they were unable to find her identity or which life skills school she belonged.

There were rumors about her history as well, unending discussions.

She appeared just before the Imperial Selection competition beginning, what kind of her training and Contemplation was? Which school she would represent in Imperial Selection Competition, it would be better not to confront that school in future.

Many schools had gathered their survived disciples and headed back to their respective school to prepare for their next journey to Imperial Selection Competition. Many disciples who witnessed this incident got inspired by this courageous girl, they kept her in their minds as role model and wanted to become just like her, in power and deportment.

Fifteen disciples reported back to their Student Assortment Camp in a jumble and devastated condition, looking at their miserable condition, camp head sighed, and he had been waiting for them since he heard that Dark Moon School disciples started a commotion near the exit of Endless Valley, he hoped for them to be alive. It was not that they make it alive because they had enough power only because the girl was unwilling to grant them death because of pure nature.

It's easy to harm and it's difficult to protect. They were unfit to explain anything so camp head did not ask questions.

They were near to collapse any moment so immediately others make arrangement for them to not lost life.

Soon Endless Valley regained its usual quiet mood and everything got silent again.


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