Beautiful Defender
47 Zhuang State Competition
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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47 Zhuang State Competition

Her crossbow had become the symbol of victory throughout school. She was provided mentors of higher standards with sufficient skills.

Only disadvantage was she had no time for further practice. If compared to other Pure Imperial class disciples, they had enough practice because she was promoted to fulfill the clause, "One who is keen to participate in Imperial Selection Competition should necessarily be a student of Pure Imperial Class," and Jen Ming was keen to participate in this competition following this Jen Ming might be first participant who would be the youngest among other students.

She remembered about the legacy of her father and pulled open the metal box and then wooden box, she looked this box again after six years, there was nothing unusual than there a lock appeared and its key point was designed as star shaped, she immediately touched her neck there was locket which was star shaped and she wore it six years ago.

Jen removed ornament from her neck and entered in that lock of wooden box, it opened with odd sound, there were small arrows of unknown material with crystal almond color, with a touch she could feel shiver because they were emitting cold energy.

She never had thought that she would meet these legacy odd looking arrows. Whatever they were left behind by her father she had to accept them.

As soon as she held them in her palm for a complete moment, they started melting and gradually disappeared within her palm as they were never in her hand before, shocked she could only utter, "Odd" and then went back to pack her luggage for journey.

Fastest carriages were primed for this journey under protection of three respected protectors. Caravan of sixteen carriages consisting four disciples in each carriage headed toward Encampment of Imperial Selection Competition.

It was great competition held every after three years for two months Schools of Life Skills from all over Empire and seven States send their genius disciples to participate in this competition, it was custom that only thousand students were selected in this competition for Royal Grounds Training.

Royal Grounds Training were considered toughest among all because of its restrictions and penalties. A student of any school if crossed that training would be considered backbone for that respective school because existence of such army personal means that their school was best among best to produce such talent.

This Imperial Selection Competition had three rounds of finding toppers and then final destination.

In brief notion who manage to come up from first round and that was every State and their Respected Schools would conduct among themselves.

For the Schools of Zhuang State entering into Endless Valley was considered first round of actual competition.

Only selected were allowed to enter in Endless Valley and the sole purpose was not just return alive but to show real strength and improvement in respected school status.

There was fair amount of students who were left disqualified that of course were unable to continue second round which for competition first round.


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