Beautiful Defender
48 Small City Encampmen
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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48 Small City Encampmen

Toppers of first round were making way toward Zhuang State Competition Battle Grounds. These grounds were where previous state battle were brawled.

Different arena were made specifically for non-contemplation apprentices.

These arenas were large to small in sizes in according to number of competitors.

There were few grounds man made for practice battle and many were nature made in previous hundreds years. These places would be in use according to requisites of competition.

Because Seven States were sending their toppers toward Zhuang State, it was filled with hustle and bustle, huge and big encampments were built for the purpose to receive outsiders and contestants. Many temporary building were built to squeeze the crowd in.

Arrangements were rapidly thru to avoid any jumble. Top mentors who were invited by Royal House were also part of competition as their Judges and they were unswervingly welcomed in Royal Encampment of Mentors, they were treated like celebrities, within a month time Zhuang State was overcrowded with number of interlopers, mediators, toppers, geniuses, mentors and sponsors of geniuses and toppers.

It looked like another small city under Zhuang State Territory emerged in one and a half month. One would wish to a part of this great competition as well as to be a part of mediators.

Every State send their participants two month before the competition to reach in time still few were unable to catch time so they were enlisted in to participate in doubles bouts.

Being reputed in Zhuang State and in League of Schools Sponsors, though their reputation was shambled now still Yellow River was treated better than middle grade Life Skills Schools but it was evident that most of their rivals were thinking about same thing which was that this would be last year of Yellow River existence being high grade school because of number of incompetence in producing experts.

There was certain tension among Yellow River Representers.

Whenever they encounter different rival schools they would avoid any discussion and gossips because they were very much aware of their current position, if a reputed school could not produce talent and geniuses that means its reputation dwindled and its existence was in threat no matter how great a school was in the past, it still would be portend.

Lists of rules and regulations along with their respective disciples combat with other disciples scheduling were also sent.

When a school reports to competition encampment, its students would allotted nameless numbers only according to their school ranking, this allowed management to select equal fecund contenders.

If a school miss-report its students school ranking, it was likely to throw that disciples in the indicators of death because powerful competitors would crush week opponents by their sheer force not by their will.

The fair thing was that every participant of this competition was related to Pure Imperial Class of every respective school.


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