Beautiful Defender
49 Oracle Bone
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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49 Oracle Bone

Jen Ming, Chao Yin, Jiao Zi, and sixty one others were allotted their competition time and to whom they were supposed to bout.

Since Yellow River School was facing chaos, only a miracle could divert that chaos which were shadowing Yellow River, though Yellow River had better ranking of disciples but this single reason was not enough to provide any space.

Most beguiling aspect was that sub-competitions were divided into Contemplation and non-Contemplation students, interpretation was very simple, every state could represent with only one thousand disciples that means seven thousand disciples would compete each other to secure position in one thousand for access in army by direct Emperor Interest.


Oracle Bone was a custom which was performed before the beginning of Imperial Selection Competition, contents and key words which were equal to cipher text and were alien to common people, they would carve on polar beast skin and burn it under different conditions.

Because it was related to few people so others were unable to predict it but the prediction made with Oracle Bone were mostly 97% proved true.

It was sacred tradition of this competition to know whether this competition would end without any big disaster or they would be able to find an expert this year.

It was just like a sacred ceremony. Against expectations this year prediction announced three strongest experts.

Everyone was sure about one which could be from Miang State, in every competition from last twenty one years it had become humdrum, and predictions also supported results in last twenty one years.

It had become habit for mediators to cheers for Miang State experts.

This year possible experts were three and people were enthusiastic to welcome new experts though it was undecided which State would they appear.

Contestants were divided into three categories according to their learned rankings. All encampments of different schools were completely emerged in their indoor training's and Contemplation students were occupying few corners which were relatively silent.

After a certain level of understanding and contemplation, a student of contemplation not necessarily imposed a silent corner, only a place where no one could disturb.

Common sounds from all encampments were the clashes of swords and fender-bender of different metals. Few students were interested to know their rivals and equal ranking participants so they headed toward Mutual Courtesy Table Talk Camps.

These camps were specially built for interaction purpose, they could gain benefits from these talks also these camps create harmony among various clans, their schools and disciples and sort them remember their giant resolution to secure great Empire.

This year Emperor's only son was also participating with his Contemplation and sword skills, it was rumored that his sword skills exceed any previous expert of his rank.

It was expected that second expert in prediction would be Qi Jian Ming Heir of Crown. That means he was strongest candidate this year.

After the prediction of Oracle Bone Zhuang Sate was more spirited to have a young expert to compete in Imperial Selection Competition.


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