Beautiful Defender
50 Sweltering Domes
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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50 Sweltering Domes

Ranking three participants were busy in their pair battles every day, few would happy after they won their single and then double, if participants won his first combat of single he would directly sent into neighbor arena in which two opponents would already awaiting for his arrival and if he was fortunate enough to win this double battle, he would be selected for next day trio rivals and if he won trio too his foursome would be last.

The choice of rivals and schedules were according to ranking was strictly under the top-notch experts from all seven States, thus amount of participants were reducing with amount of rival. Every after few days experts would be shifted with new expert mentors as the judges of all these battles so that they could perform their duties without any burden or fatigue.

After winning one could feel the happiness and after lose one could be seen dejected, this was natural and common in these sub-competitions.

Finally it was turn for Yellow River non-contemplation disciples because many of them were classified as second ranking, Fi Bing was second ranking also and today was his battle with Desert Hunt Life Skills School disciple from Dang Ming State Ni Han, both practiced Metal Chain as weapon for their life skills and both were non-contemplation students.

Both were standing opposite in the arena, from his appearance rough yet strong and thick robs he was exuding desert legend feeling and on other round Fi Bing was wearing clean white robs it was not simple difference of States but the atmosphere in which they both were born and bred.

They bowed to each other, there were seven top alters at which seven mentors were looking at seven arenas and every judge had two sub-ordinates, every arena was 40 by 40 square shape.

In fact sub-ordinates were sent by King and would help in making any decision in any match which was tied up without any bias to keep the fairness of Imperial Selection Competition, thus mentors were bound to be neutral and fair.

Seven arenas were hosting seven combat matches, there higher chance to get tricked by neighbor but it was made thus to provide as such as battle where there would not be only several thousand fellow fighters but also enemy and their evasive attacks so this competition chances to improve war caliber.

Fi Bing and Ni Han immediately took their positions after the bowed to each other, metal chains ties to waists were pulled up front with chunk sound, their combat begun Fi Bing swayed his metal chain with quick force toward his opponent, and Ni Han was already quick to budge this simple move with his active energy, from his looks Ni Han was not hot-tempered but right after he dodged pulled back his metal chain with quick movement his chain tried to capture his rival's leg to plan fall but thus was useless because Fi Bing jumped in time and escaped that move, next Ni Han was more careful because he was not here to lose.


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