Beautiful Defender
51 Metal Chain Skimp
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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51 Metal Chain Skimp

Only top end of Metal Chain he kept in his right hand left over part gathered in bundle while creating a false impression on his rival, his movements were really sharp, one could only imagine full part while leaving many unnoticed or completely skipped, Fi Bing prepared, apparently Ni Han aimed at his abdomen and released chain with full force, a mild turn at critical moment and it touched right shoulder instead, Metal was unique material, it sparkled in the light and hit hard on shoulder.

Despite being at guard and even after Fi Bing understood the purpose of this attack two second before the actual hit, the sparkling shine made it difficult to act hurried, without any visible wound Metal Chain broke definitely his bone. Mentor's eyebrows twitched to see this but remained stationary.

Luckily Fi Bing was handy with his left hand Metal Chain practice, he endured pain impressively but still his eyes got wet by this afflicting pain.

Ni Han was sure that he made enough damage which his rival might not endure pain and might quit so he was little carefree now, also Fi Bing suddenly reacted and remaining Metal Chain circled around it, Fi Bing used up his left over force to pull Ni Han and kicked him at his chest.

Ni Han was stunned but immediately regained his countenance and swayed his Metal Chain like a hunter and attacked on his chest with full slammed force, plashed, blood forced out from his mouth a nose and Fi Bing fell with thump.

After mentor pronounced Ni Han was winner, Yellow River representing figures collected injured Fi Bing who was disqualified from competition, Yellow River lost again, this was third lose as well.

With every passing day numbers of participants gradually reduced like leaves fall in autumn but as it was tracking toward high ranker, it was feat hard-hitting multiple time.

There was commotion about a participant who belonged to Miang State, defeated and won hundred combats sequentially, many were talking about his combat tactics and many discussed about his next last combat which was with Yellow River disciple Jiao Zi competitor of sword life skill, rumors, she would lost it in first round because there was no one who could stand in front of Miang State's geniuses, moreover his recent performance was mind shocking with hundred win win combats, only fool could garner a thought in which he could stand in front of such metal hard combatant.

It was already last day of third week from the beginning of Imperial Selection Competition and first ranking and top ranking non-contemplation battles were about to begin.

Out of seven thousand participants, only three thousands were left and there were high chances of brutal deaths because no one would accept defeat until death, this was not rule but silent oath which a participant took to himself, no one was willing to go back to school being labeled as defeated disciple, it would be better to embrace death than to be disgraced.

It was great alter where three mentors of three different States were eyeing big arena of battle, it was prodigious because only one who would be able to stand would be called genius and would be selected for army recruitment.


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