Beautiful Defender
52 Sword Run-Through
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Beautiful Defender
Author :myshag
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52 Sword Run-Through

Everyone was cheering for Miang State for the reason of its previous performance, both Jiao Zi and Dong Lu were facing each other, they bowed and quickly took positions, Jiao Zi wore white robs with edges of silver borders whereas Dong Lu was wearing fine linen robs with a gown of blue. His features were mild while his expressions were penetrating sharp.

Jiao Zi was soft in appearance and just she took her position her expressions turned solemn.

With a clunk their swords collided, audience stopped their breaths because they don't wish their breaths to disturb them, with the help of his sword Dong Lu tried to push back Jiao Zi in order to display next move but she forced down it to ground, they were equally putting their efforts and brought back themselves from collision point.

One thing was clear from this first move, both had compatibility and vigor.

For few seconds, it looked like one or both were planning next moves which could give upper-hand in battle, they ran toward each other in a blink of moment Dong Lu aimed at her while debauched himself to range her waist.

She knew very well how to execute by just little nook of her sword tip she passed Dong Lu attack and carried it by rousing her own sword aimed at his shoulder which he blocked by his sword that Jiao Zi already moved and decreased the intensity of his force and attack.

He vaguely understood her attack type, he was sure now that her plan was to attack in chain sequence one end to end other and subsequently going on.

Since Dong Lu saved his neck, she did not let loose her grip on the situation because chain sequence was now impartially launched.

She spared neck but lunged down sword on his shoulder, since his focus was centered to save neck and her sword was also faced downward, though it was not easy to let it down but she did hack it by extra strength and before he could react she was already ten meter away.

It was not big wound but still blotted his shoulder place and domineering gown.

He was still tranquil and on the other hand Jiao Zi thought it was going tough now.

He did not wait instead he attacked with mild grim countenance, he swayed sword from his right and steeped toward her, clung, her sword rammed and she circled around herself to dodge his second move, she barely did it while clicking back, his sword cut a lock of her hair, which were swaying behind her back and half of her hair were tied up in neat bun.

She did paused either and blocked his sword from tearing her abdomen, she was busy in handling he suddenly moved his sword upward which caused a cut on her left cheeks.

Next one hour they desperately fought each other, mediators as well as mentors were withholding what they witnessed.

This time Miang State needed to preserve its pace, many thought but they were confident that Dong Lu would win at the end of the day.

This was because they in twenty one years never saw Miang State disciples at lose.


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